The 5 Pillars of Empowerment Learning Journey has been created as a holistic programme for women in business. The concept is designed to provide a high standard of training with accredited trainers, coaches and mentorship.

We all have different needs and strengths.  To be successful and achieve your goals and your life purpose, you need to know what these are and manage these goals!  The secret is to use your strengths and to build your developmental areas; to find the best way to be you and show yourself to others in a smart way.

Because we know every woman has unique strengths and needs, we offer a Needs Analysis Assessment at the start of your Journey – to determine your unique 5 Pillars Map or Development Plan.

The Empowerment Journey covers key skills in five categories and these are referred to as the 5 Pillars of Empowerment.

The 5 Pillars of Empowerment are broken down as follows:

These key topics are presented as part of a Career Path Journey or Personal Self Discovery Journey and also available as individual short courses, should there be a need.


The 5 Pillars of Empowerment Learning Journey is suitable for a woman who is in business and wants in invest in her personal and professional development.

  • Women in the workplace who want to advance their careers
  • Women who want to start their own businesses
  • Young women starting their careers
  • Women with unique talents who want to market their products


  • Organizations that want to empower female employees
  • Organizations that want to empower and sponsor women in the community
  • Organizations that want to empower and prepare young graduates for the world of business.

Nedbank 5 Pillars of Empowerment Programme Graduates 2018

Nedbank, the first company to approve and sponsor the 5 Pillars of Empowerment Programme.


Training and Transformation Business Solutions were awarded the Strategic Partner of the Year Award for their valuable contribution to the development and implementation of the 5 Pillars of Empowerment Programme.

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Founder and CEO
Woman of Stature
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