The 5 Pillars of Empowerment Learning Journey has been created as a holistic programme for all women. The concept was designed with the intention to provide a high standard of training with accredited trainers, coaches and mentors to educate, up skill and mentor them.

We all have different needs and strengths.  To be successful and achieve your goals and your life purpose, you need to know what these are and manage these goals!  The secret is to use your strengths and to build your developmental areas; to find the best way to be you and show yourself to others in a smart way.

Because we know every woman has unique strengths and needs, we offer a Needs Analysis Assessment at the start of your Journey – to determine your unique 5 Pillars Map or Development Plan.

The Empowerment Journey covers key skills in five categories and these are referred to as the 5 Pillars of Empowerment.


The 5 Pillars of Empowerment are broken down as follows:


These key topics are presented as part of a Career Path Journey or Personal Self Discovery Journey and also available as individual short courses, should there be a need.


The 5 Pillars of Empowerment Learning Journey is suitable for any woman who wants to reach her full potential and who wants to make an impact in her environment:

  • Women in the workplace who want to advance their careers
  • Women who want to start their own businesses
  • Young women starting their careers
  • Homemakers starting their own small businesses
  • Women with unique talents who want to market their products


  • Organizations that want to empower female employees
  • Organizations that want to empower and sponsor women in the community
  • Organizations that want to empower and prepare young graduates for the world of business.


Pillar 1: Self-Discovery


The journey starts with an analysis of the Self:  Aptitude, Personality, Abilities, and Interests.
Leadership Style Assessment as well as Mental Toughness Assessment

Personal Mastery: 

  • What motivates people
  • What you need in order to be accountable to yourself
  • What you need in order to be responsible for your contribution for your function/business
  • Redefining your purpose
  • How to be a truly engaged business woman
  • How to achieve personal mastery

Emotional Intelligence

  • What is EQ?
  • How do I manage relationships?
  • EQ in the workplace – why is this important?

Unlock your Creative Image:

  • Creative mind = problem solved!
  • Creativity unpacked – am I creative?
  • A new perspective on my creativity

Personal/Professional Grooming

“Nothing succeeds like the appearance of Success”

  • Personal Branding and Accessories that Fit
  • Physical Self Awareness
  • My Package – Grooming, Dress, Styling and Accessories
  • Colour in Wardrobe
  • Find your Style
Pillar 2: Health & Wellness

Stress and Conflict Management:

  • Causes of stress in everyday life and work
  • What is my coping style?
  • How do I manage stress in my life?
  • Conflict styles
  • Managing relationships around conflict

Health Consultation:

Health Consultation with Dr Kirasha Allopi – How Healthy Are You?

Health Coaching and Supplements:

  • How to improve my health
  • Am I getting enough? Healthy supplements prescribed.

Nutrition and Fitness

  • Healthy diet to fuel my lifestyle
  • Smart fitness coaching
Pillar 3: Finance

Basic Financials I:

  • Financial Fundamental Concepts:
    • Accounts
    • Controls
    • Auditors
    • Assets and Liabilities
    • Income and Expenditure
    • Profit and Margin
    • Break-even Analysis
    • The Accounting Cycle
    • Financial Reports:
      • The Income Statement
      • The Balance Sheet
      • The Cash Flow Statement

Basic Financials II:

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Budgeting

Funding and Sponsorships:

  • Generating Funding for my Business
  • Sponsorship – how to approach this


Pillar 4: Leadership Development

Women in Leadership:

  • Leadership Theory analysed
  • Why Women are great leaders
  • My leadership style

Leading Teams:

  • Your role as leader
  • Team effectiveness
  • Generational Theory
  • Leading diversity

Assertiveness and Presentation Skills:

  • Improve interactions is meetings
  • Presenting with Impact
  • Preparing to Present
  • Presentation Aids
Pillar 5: Entrepreneurship

Knowing your Business

  • Business Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • The Competitive Landscape

Managing your Business

  • PDCA of management
  • SWOT Analysis and Action Plan
  • Basics of Customer Relationship Management

Marketing and the Sales Cycle

  • Basic Marketing Principles
  • How do I establish my product in the Competitive Landscape?
  • Who are my competitors
  • Generating leads
  • Having a Marketing and Sales Plan

Social Media Marketing

  • Search engine Optimisation (SEO) Basics
  • Online copywriting and blogging
  • Online advertising and paid marketing
  • Social media, viral marketing and video marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Lead management and automation
  • Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Labour Relations:

  • Labour Relations Act
  • Trade Unions
  • The Grievance Procedure
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Individual Control of Employment
  • Disciplining
  • Dismissals
  • Contract of Employment

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