Dee Pillay

Dee has been involved in organisational development and human resource empowerment and motivation for the past 20 years, extensively within the Corporate world, both locally as well as internationally. She holds qualifications from the University of Johannesburg and the University of Stellenbosch Business School, and is an accredited and registered Assessor through the ETDP Seta to conduct Outcomes Based Assessments. Dee has facilitated and developed training within very diverse portfolios, such as Sales, Service, Parts, Learnerships, Computer Literacy, Trainee – Executive Management, Product Training, Customer Service, Human Resources, and Driver Training, to name a few. She has established herself as an excellent and respected HRD Practitioner and Human Resources Development Specialist. In addition, Dee also specialises in the field of building High Performance Teams and Conflict Resolution and has a passion for the empowerment and development of women and youth.

As the owner of T&T Business Solutions, Dee continues to consult through her own company and has trained across a wide variety of industries, and the business has established itself as a well-respected business within South Africa.

Mobile:  +27 72 139 0151


Ilona Engela

After more than 23 years of experience in Corporate, Ilona Engela has recently followed her dream to become a consultant where she uses her creativity in the field of Learning and Development to offer clients innovative learning solutions.

With her degrees in Psychology and experience in the fields of Organisational and Leadership Development, Retail Sales, After-Sales and Non-Technical Training Management in the Motor Industry, she has a comprehensive collection of skills to bring to her clients.

Mobile:  +27 82 325 1080

T&T Business Solutions

Together Dee and Ilona provide Learning Solutions to various industries. Their services include Training Strategy Development, Management and Leadership Training, Product Knowledge Training, Retail Selling Skills Training for Sales and After-Sales, and Customer Treatment Training for various customer orientated environments. They also offer Skills Development Strategies and Launch Training Solutions, Assessment Centres and Skills Competitions. T &T Business Solutions pride themselves on offering some of the best trainers in the industry, with the right combination of work experience, training experience and transfer of learning focused on practical application. Their development solutions focus on blended methodologies that include classroom training, workplace coaching, e-learning and other learning solutions.


Meet Saffron


Saffron Baggallay is an expert in employee engagement and leadership, using keynotes, facilitation to promote her key message, which is that you cannot have business development without personal development. Saffron talks primarily about the need to ‘awaken’ in order to create ‘awakening organisations’ that can thrive in times of global change.

Through professionally put together keynotes, workshops and coaching Saffron uses frameworks around gender, cultural and generational diversity and the Enneagram (personality) to assist people develop their potential.

Review: “Saffron is a highly motivated, spontaneous, confident and enthusiastic speaker and her seminars/workshops are evidence of the level of knowledge and passion she has for the sphere in which she works.”

Saffron facilitates the Self Discovery and Leadership Modules on the 5 Pillars of Empowerment Learning Journey, and also uses the Enneagram to map Personal and Leaderhip styles as Part of the Development Journey

Meet Johan


“My approach is slanted towards marketing first and then technology, this has made all the difference. We focus on internet marketing, SEO, Adwords, lead generation, strategy development and getting more leads for clients and helping clients make more sales.”

Some success stories include: A client going from R6 million to R17 million the next year (this was during the economic slump), a client doubling their turnover, a client improving their closing ratio from 10% to 30% (that more than doubles the business), client finding more than 200 prospects per month, client getting 50 good prospects in 15 days for less than a newspaper advertisement in a newspaper for one day. These are just a few of Johan’s success stories.

On the 5 Pillars of Empowerment Learning Journey, Johan will facilitate participants to enhance their footprint and marketing success by focussing on Social Media Marketing principles.

Meet Brett


I thrive on empowering people, educating and assisting in improving lives. I am passionate about the automotive industry, and take an active interest in all aspects of the business, from manufacturer to the dealership, and specialise in product education.

“Brett has helped me to go back to basics, increase the work rate and the focus.  I think it has improved my interaction with my manager as well.”

“Thanks a million Brett for a BRILLIANT 2 days. I learned a lot and BELIVE its going to help me making more sales .All the best and you present a brilliant course, Thank you”

On the 5 Pillars of Empowerment Learning Journey, Brett will facilitate Marketing and Sales Cycle as well as Knowing your Business modules..

Meet Brenda


“I am a mother, business woman, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and personal transformation coach.  I have been in the ‘beauty business’ for over ten years, which has incorporated the owning of a hair and beauty salon.

Besides being a hands-on Beauty and Skincare Therapist, I am also a professionally trained ‘Image and Styling’ Consultant.  Combining my own personal experience and those of my clients, I realised that we as women need to learn how to tap into our inner power and beauty in order for us to truly value and love ourselves as unique individuals.

On the 5 Pillars of Empowerment Learning Journey, Brenda will facilitate the Personal and Professional Grooming module and assist Women to  identify their inner beauty and ‘Dress Up’ with  confidence.

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