“I actually did not know what Woman of Stature stood for when I originally joined!

Even though I volunteered my services and decided to take part in WOS – The Woman of Stature Foundation Launch held on Saturday 5 November 2019 at the Indaba Hotel was a real eye opener for me – about the type of association WOS is, the people involved, and the purpose it serves and I was blown away.

You are a dynamic lady, Charlotte and I wish you nothing but success after success, whatever that may mean for you.  I am proud to be a WOS member and hope to become more actively involved in its development.”

Angelique Smith
Project & Event Coordinator & Safety Officer

Cell: (+27) 60 970 7653
Office: (+27) 11 802 1044
Fax: (+27) 86 450 5192

Event Synthesis

“I can never thank the Woman of Stature tribe of phenomenal women more, for all that they contributed to my personal growth and mostly my business growth!

I have been a member of Woman of Stature for just over 2 years now and this is the best investment I have made for myself. Charlotte has a passion for getting women together and creating opportunities and platforms for them to collaborate and make connections that help them find their purpose. I have leveraged off this and have made such wonderful connections with various women.

To date, my business tax affairs, my social media marketing coaching, my business coach, my business strategy company, business partners and clients are all from WOS. These are connections I have deliberately made for myself because they are available in the WOS Tribe and I chose to connect with them.

I have even introduced my husband to some of the people I have worked with so that he could work with them for his business too. That’s how much WOS has been impactful in my life.

I would recommend anyone to become a member of WOS anytime because it is time well invested, connections well-made and growth well defined – all purely from the intentionality of how programs are run and offered to those interested.

Thank you, Charlotte, for sharing your dream and seeding it as it continues to grow daily.”

– Nqobile Nkosi
Founder & CEO, Divine E Image Consultancy

“Woman of Stature, thank you for helping me reach new heights. This organization has changed my life! Being a member of Woman of Stature has been an amazing experience and journey from beginning. I have met and started collaborating with exceptionally amazing women through this organization. WOS has opened many doors for me.

Charlotte…. thank you for inspiring me to be excellent in everything I do, I will always be grateful. Thank you for being our strength.

Woman of Stature has inspired me to be confident and to never give up on my dreams. The motivation, encouragement and support constantly inspires me.

“Success does not come by working alone, but only when we work together as a united team!” The sky is the limit .

Kind Regards
Fatima Mnono

“Being part of Woman of Stature has truly been an amazing experience”,


“Finding a platform where like-minded women can network and truly be empowered and supported is very rare, and that is why WOS is so special to me.

I’m excited about the vision and future of WOS and I’m really looking forward to supporting Charlotte and her team every step of the way.”

Hi Charlotte.

Thank you so much for inviting me and for an exciting year end party.

Thank you again for a great year, for your continued support, mentorship, encouragement and for believing in me and adding value in my life and my business.  I look forward to 2019, Woman of Stature has given me courage to keep moving forward with courage, faith and determination.

May your organizational keep growing to better heights

Enjoy the festive season

Lots of Love

Maleburu Mali Sacred Mountain Ramara


“Woman of Stature embodies the essence of sisterhood and as someone who advocates women’s rights, I’ve committed to support an organisation that represents inclusivity and is intentional in its purpose. Their commitment to bring about change for women from all walks of life speaks to our brand and this is why I am proudly associated with Woman of Stature.”

I am a fairly new member of WOS and a graduate of the first Woman Of Impact Speakers Bureau course. As a very new motivational speaker, former elite athlete, athletics coach and breast cancer survivor, I can only speak highly of Woman of Stature. Charlotte du Plessis epitomises a true Woman of Stature. She is truly inspirational, highly efficient with so much integrity and tenacity and a very kind heart. She epitomises what WOS stands for to train, support, connect, and empower woman from all walks of life. The ladies I have met through WOS are all remarkable in their own right yet all support and inspire one another.

The training I received from the Woman of Impact Speakers Bureau course through Robin Pullen, Master Trainer, Coach and Motivational speaker was outstanding and highly beneficial. I can honestly say I feel totally confident and prepared in myself when I get up to speak. Thank you Charlotte for your support and inspiration and encouragement  in my journey. I know I will only grow from strength to strength with WOS.

Thank you Woman of Stature and Charlotte du Plessis.

Nicole Fuller


1. Lynn Hill:  Thank you!  As a Life Coach, your hugs and you believing in me , made me to believe in my own healing. Stay blessed.

 2. Claudine:  Thank you for helping me understand how the 3 brains  works. This helps me to explain it to other people how I am able to control the hallucinations and how these 3 brains are powerful. Stay blessed.

 3. Yoke:  Thank you for giving me a bootcamp presentation session. On Saturday I applied what you taught me. I nailed it.  I got a thumbs up from my Money Coach, an International Toastmaster winner 2015 and 2016. Stay blessed.

4. Jeanette Davids:  Thank you for helping me believe in my healing journey and not to take it lightly. I honestly did not believe I can inspire people. Stay blessed.

 5. Pam Green:  Thank you for the Master class last Tuesday and today’s sessions on social media management. I am overwhelmed with so much knowledge in such a short time, on how to build my social media brand . See you soon. Stay blessed.

Feedback on the Nedbank Woman of Stature 5 Pillars of Empowerment Learning Journey

1. Saffron:  Thank you so much for your knowledge and for helping me understand more of what I do,  especially about the Chakras and the body sensation. I included what you have taught us about feeling the sensation in our bodies. My Money Coach was blown away and not forgetting the teenager I was helping. Stay blessed.

2. Brent:  Thank you for reminding me about stress and what it does to our bodies. I used that in the presentation of Saturday. This is the feedback I got : “Mali, you are a breath of fresh air” from lots of women and my Money Coach.

Thank you so much Ilona, Charlotte and Woman of Stature for helping me grow in such a short space of time.

– Mali Ramara

Dear Charlotte

Thank you for helping us connect with Entrepreneurs, Business owners and Corporate players that can potentially become partners or clients.

I have acquired a corporate client who I met whilst attending the Intelligent Millionaire’s Network that you invited me to and where you were speaking on behalf of Woman of Stature. In the casual environment it opened up doors for me to present to a client, that I might not have had access too. A few meetings later-and we are doing business together. I will be training their staff in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Durban.


Dear Charlotte,

THANK YOU for yesterday!

It was great to partner with you and you truly are walking in your purpose and passion.

You have been a blessing to me ever since I met you.
I look forward to many more partnerships.

Thank you for who you are and for what you do!

Zazél Sale

Industrial Psychologist PS 0132071
Zunshine Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Mobile:   +2782 959 9554  Email:   zazel@zunshine.co.za

Charlotte is a woman that gives hope and inspires women to greater achievements.  She has created a platform for women to be informed and to be part of a family, and has opened up a whole new world. She unites people. The platform provides a space where people connect and where there is an exchange of knowledge. The continuous workshop she hosts is food for the soul and fills your head with good knowledge. You leave being in a much better space.


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