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ANN LIGMAN – Pawback (Pty) Ltd – CEO/Founder/Owner

ANN LIGMAN – Pawback (Pty) Ltd –  CEO/Founder/Owner
ANN LIGMAN – Pawback (Pty) Ltd – CEO/Founder/Owner
Woman of Stature "Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: Woman in Education

Ann Ligman absorbs knowledge like a sponge, continually learning from everyone and everything in her immediate environment and selflessly sharing it with those deprived from opportunity or resources to learn. It is her life's mission to transfer knowledge and her passion for sharing information to empower the individual was cultivated from childhood.

Ann never played with typical girl toys but always sat down her childhood friends in a makeshift classroom "teaching" them. During the heat  of township violence against apartheid education systems, she often find herself playing the role of teacher to her classmates as white teachers could not enter townships without risking their lives.  To gain her matriculation exemption for first degree studies, she signed up subjects not offered at her local high school and through self-study achieved her goal being amongst the first non-whites to be absorbed in the formerly white only University of Port Elizabeth.

Ann is the only graduate from her family of 12 siblings. Her, dad, a former farm worker changed state general worker at Water Affairs and her mother, a former domestic worker turned house executive, always believed in her future as a school teacher including community leaders. However, she choose an unknown path much to the shock and surprise of community leaders who tried to convince her otherwise as the family lacked financial resources for  tertiary education trying to impose a state teacher's Bursary on her. Ann chose commercial studies instead paying for her own fees initially through income earned from her entrepreneurial initiatives at high school and secured a Coca-Cola Bursary in her first year which she later forfeited when her studies was interrupted due to illness. She returned the following year with a TEFSA Bursary loan from Kagiso Trust which converted to a NSFAS Bursary loan.

She actively participated in campus church activity, ran the campus church bookshop and during breaks did outreach amongst the destitute living on the streets transferring knowledge through one-on-one counselling, drama, spiritual dancing and miming.

As a professional, mentoring and coaching formed an integral part of her day as employers soon recognised her natural ability to teach and transfer knowledge.  Against all odds, despite her poverty stricken small town background, Ann make a break into the professional World of Corporate Accounting (a white male dominated environment historically) and acquired several qualifications whilst building her career and starting a family. She kept on with her educational initiatives doing coaching programmes amongst members of previously disadvantaged communities from her home study and fro.

Through these community give back activities the Pawback brand was born, focusing initially on children and professionals with special learning needs and currently focus entirely on training and development, coaching and mentoring in emerging entrepreneurial business.

Ann uses all sorts of media to bring her message across, selflessly providing both radio and television learning content on demand free of charge. She has over 7500 entrepreneurs and professionals benefiting from her Whatsapp entrepreneurial information-sharing broadcasts and Facebook groups.  Pawback CSI gave birth out of necessity to the Aiona Foundation focusing on helping 75% poverty stricken entrepreneurial communities with learning and access to information that can change their dire, helpless situations.

She reads her own story in snippets of struggling entrepreneurial stories, especially those of Women Standing Alone.   As an Aspiring bestselling author, books forms an integral part of her world and it is thus not surprising that her current projects includes writing an entrepreneurial guide for Aiona Foundation beneficiaries based on intimate knowledge gained through her travelling educational programmes amongst rural entrepreneurs. She is also writing her life story to inspire existing and aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs, sharing her extremely challenging and painful life's journey and entrepreneurial journey in an empowering and uplifting manner.

Ann is a practising Messianic Judaistic believer whose faith ultimately helps to maintain her sanity in an, at times, demoralising and destructively painful quest for entrepreneurial success.

Ann’s Facebook Bio reads:  "Just a country girl groomed in urban corporate for rural empowerment”.


  • ANN LIGMAN – Pawback (Pty) Ltd –  CEO/Founder/Owner

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ANN LIGMAN – Pawback (Pty) Ltd – CEO/Founder/Owner

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