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ESTIE MATTHEUS – BodyTalk Balance Centre

ESTIE MATTHEUS – BodyTalk Balance Centre
Name: ESTIE MATTHEUS – BodyTalk Balance Centre
I am a child of the 60’s.  Legend would have it that I was born in the Free State, but some of my first memories are that of the ocean where I would play for hours on the beach all by myself; only surrounded by the vastness of the All that Is.  During primary school, my family moved to a small town called Carletonville.  In a small town, you have to adapt and fit in with the normal – or else you would be outcast.  So for fear of being ‘different’, you learn to adapt.

My career has guided me to make decisions, follow specific paths and intermingle with a very diverse group of people and interest fields which did not always conform to the norm! 

When my brother was diagnosed with cancer, I started investigating alternative and natural therapies that could assist him – or so I thought.  This shift in focus culminated in many years and trainings later, in a complete career shift from the legal field – where I thought my passion was – to holistic healthcare and medicine. 


I am of the firm opinion that we are all here on a journey, All part of the All that Is and that is the focus that I bring to my work and my life. Treating everybody with respect whilst remaining true to my core values of integrity, honesty and truth, I am currently a full time Whole HealthCare practitioner from the BodyTalk Balance Centre in Winchester Hills Ext 1 [Johannesburg South].  I consult both in the clinic and am available to do remote work on request.

Working from the heart my hope is that I am able to bring the Light to everybody’s life - including my loving husband of 24 years, two beautiful daughters, 6 cats and my cutest Clover bunny!


Currently full time Whole HealthCare [tm] Certified PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner
Centre of Excellence Diploma in Naturopathy [2016]
SAQA Facilitator, Assessor & Moderator [2015]
Reiki & KaRuna Ki Master [2004]
Pranic Healing [2004]
Career, Personal & Business Growth Development & Training Facilitator [from various previous training and modalities – for a full list please visit my website]
Associations - International BodyTalk Association [IBA] []
South African BodyTalk Association [SABA] []
Owner and Practising from BodyTalk Balance Centre, 359 Dungarvan Avenue, Winchester Hills Ext 1 [Jhb South]

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Phone Number: +27 82 804 6589
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  • ESTIE MATTHEUS – BodyTalk Balance Centre

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