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JAYSHREE PADAYATCHEY – CEO, JRP Socder Projects (Pty) Ltd.
Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Category Winner: Woman in Community

Jayshree Padayatchey is passionate about developing Women and Youth into Entrepreneurs, specifically within Townships and Informal Settlements.   With over 25 years’ experience in Community Development, she excels in mobilizing and motivating impoverished individuals and Communities to empower themselves through Economic Development Programmes which she customizes.  She designed and conducted a number of resource mobilization initiatives and gave guidance to NGOs for private public partnerships.  She is an expert in Asset-Based Community Driven Economic- Development, currently utilsed in different South African spheres, to engage communities and mobilize them to drive their own economic development.

More about Jayshree Padayatchey:

Jayshree is the CEO of JRP Socder Projects Pty Ltd.   The Company was established in Gauteng and was formed in May 2014, with the major objective of empowering women to drive their own economic development by providing them with access to high quality entrepreneurship coaching, skills development as well as access to both networks and markets that can assist them to grow their markets and brands, as well as promoting microfranchising.  The company was formed in 2014 when Jayshree was 44 years old, but started operating in 2015.

Jayshree is a Community Economic Development expert, an Entrepreneurship Specialist, and a Micro-Franchise Consultant who worked for both International and Local NGO’s, Government and the Private Sector across South Africa.  In August 2010 she started a journey to explore and create an awareness for Microfranchising in South Africa.  She started researching and meeting up with various Government organizations to have discussion around the concept which has culminated in a three year Programme to Microfranchise 15 businesses.

She is also an SMME Expert Coach and Mentor, working with SMMEs to set up,  optimize, re-engineer and assist small businesses with access to markets and funding.

As the CEO of her company JRP Socder Projects Pty Ltd,  she  is currently in the process of empowering 100 women by creating 10 co-operative businesses in  Lotus Gardens, a Township in Pretoria, Gauteng Province.  The project is being rolled out in partnership with Gauteng Economic Propeller.  The businesses that will be formed are community based businesses and will be set up for success with all the necessary business systems that will enable them to operate successfully and effectively.

Her enthusiasm to explore opportunities with SMME’s in replicating successful black owned business models  led to the first Micro-Franchising initiative of its kind in collaboration with the RSA Department of Trade & Industry.

She has driven the Micro-Franchising concept as a solution for poverty alleviation in South Africa and has worked closely with the Department of Trade & Industry for  5 years in drafting a Micro Franchising policy as well as in creating the Microfranchising Programme that will see 15 businesses packaged as Microfranchises over 3 years.

She hosted 3 Microfranchising Launches in South Africa  between 2011 and 2014 within townships and Informal settlements to create an awareness of Microfranchising in South Africa.

Jayshree currently also consults to SA Franchise Warehouse as a Microfranchise Consultant on the Microfranchising Programme.


+27 79 189 6184
KATLEGO NCALA – Petropower South Africa
Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year' Finalist: Youth Ambassador, and overall 'Woman of the Year' title winner


18-year old Katlego Ncala is a young lady who possess the attribute of true leadership and is seen as a role model by her community and fellow youth in South Africa.

At the age of 16 she registered her company Petropower South Africa which is a private company that supplies renewable energy.

She then decided to take on Distance Education at British International College to learn more about renewable energy.  One day she hopes she can start storing oil, but for now her main focus is supplying solar geysers and panels.

Ncala has her own organization under the Katlego Ncala Foundation called ‘Raise Her Standards’, a mentorship programme, which is a project that has been warmly received by various departments and schools.  ‘Katlego believes in feeding the mind in a positive manner. She has aimed the programmes on addressing issues such as: Teenage Pregnancy; Drug Abuse; Female Hygiene; Business & Development Skills.  Partnered with Kuzodlula Tours, they have managed to mentor 90% of the schools in the Ekhurleni District.

Kat's Vision for 2018 and beyond is to take her ‘Raise Her Standards’ tour over 7 provinces in the country and, in years to come, 5 African countries.

More about Kat:

In 2016 she was awarded the opportunity to be a presenter on South Africa's biggest youth show, YOTV. She presents the Blue Couch on Tuesday addressing issues that youth people face daily and on Saturday she is part of the Big Breakfast show where she presents the Sports segment.

The young teen has focused many of her television appearances on motivating and encouraging the youth.  She describes this as "a way of giving back because when I started out in the industry there was no 16 year old to tell me that it's possible".

Katlego is the epitome of a driven self-starter. She played the first team soccer squad at school and has competed in a variety of sports. In 2015 she was the ambassador of FSP (Football Solves Problems ) an organization aimed at educating youth about life skills through sports.

A Philanthropist at Heart:

Serving the community is something Kat is passionate about. She describes taking care of the less fortunate and showing compassion to others as part of her culture; a demonstration of Ubuntu. Under the Katlego Ncala foundation, she often does voluntarily ad hoc work with Roche Pharmaceutical Company on their programme called ‘Children Living with Diabetes’.

Kat is also involved with many other charity organizations, and regularly donates and collects goods for child-headed families.

She has been the guest speaker for events such as ‘She Cares’ as well as the ‘International Inspiring Woman’s Network Foundation’ (IIWNF), an organisation that empowers and inspires women in business . She has attended several Stay Alive & Stay Alert events, as part of a team that shares information with school children about road safety.

She is also the founder of the DreamGirls pageant, an annual pageant that was started in 2013 Katlego and her sister host the Dreamgirls pageant in aid of a charity of their choice.

“If you want to do something great it can be achieved with the right mindset. You can lead, inspire and motivate right where you are”.

Katlego strives to achieve her goal of being an activist to the youth. Many look up to the rising star as her following on social media inspires thousands.  Katlego uses platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to get her message across to the youth. She is passionate about leading Africa’s youth in a positive and educated direction.


Twitter:  @KATNCALA
Instagram:  @KATNCALA


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