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ANITA JACK – Elevate Horizons – Kinesiologist, Master Life and Business Coach, and Exercise Specialist.
Expand your Horizons – Illuminate your Life

Anita Jack was an experienced Marketing professional until she became very ill in 2012. Through her journey of recovery, she discovered her passion for helping others lead a healthy and fulfilled life. Since then, Anita has qualified as a Kinesiologist, a Master Life and Business Coach, and an Exercise Specialist.


Anita is passionate about wellness, not only physical wellness though, but holistic wellness. Holistic wellness encompasses body, mind, career, relationships, family, finance, and even spirituality. As all these aspects are important to a person’s well-being. She thrives on empowering and elevating people to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives.

Anita is a member of the Association of Specialised Kinesiologists of South Africa, a member of the International Coach Federation, a member of MENSA, and an Ambassador for Business Networking International.

Anita has developed a variety of talks and workshops on topics related to holistic wellness and self-discovery, to help you unlock your full potential and live your best life.

Anita is also one of the Woman of Stature “Impact Circle” trainers.

Contact Anita for a keynote presentation, an informal talk, a tailor-made workshop to meet your company’s objectives, or even a fun team building workshop for your staff.


You can find Anita on:


BRENDA HURLE-HILL – Beautiful Life – Beauty and Image Consultant
I am extremely passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge with others in the hope that I can inspire all South African women to rise up using their gentle feminine POWER. Besides being a hands-on Beauty and Skincare Therapist, I am also a professionally trained ‘Image and Styling’ Consultant. 

About Brenda and Beautiful Life:

Combining my own personal experience and those of my clients, I realise that we as women need to learn how to tap into our inner power and beauty in order for us to truly value and love ourselves as unique individuals. This inspired me to start a home-based beauty studio and Image Coaching business to help ladies to discover themselves and find the courage to reveal their tremendous potential to others.

I am extremely passionate about sharing my experience and knowledge with others in the hope that I can inspire all South African women to rise up using their gentle feminine POWER, which in turn enables not only themselves but also others around them, to live a life of purpose.
+27 83 299 1240
CONNY OBERRAUTER – The Cosmetics Chef
The Cosmetics Chef is all about a girl who dreamt about more people having access to making their own amazing cosmetic products in their home. Conny wants to change the way the world thinks about cosmetics.

Through educating people with workshops, events, demos and talks, Conny aims to show you how easy it is to make high quality, premium cosmetics in your own kitchen.

The business started with the publication of The Cosmetics Chef – Crafting Cosmetics in your kitchen, a book with 50 fabulous recipes on making your own products at home. From face masks, body scrubs and even a dog shampoo.

Specialised ingredients are available on the website as well as ready packed kits which include pre-weighed ingredients and beautiful packaging to make it even easier to make your own products. Kits include a Supreme Skin Serum, Rejuvenating Face cream, Hair Oil, Firming body lotion and more.

Whether you want to make your own products, or just make more informed decisions about the products you buy, The Cosmetics Chef is here to help you.


Conny is a professional, qualified cosmetic chemist who also holds a degree in marketing management. She has been in the cosmetic industry since 1996 where she started work in a cosmetics factory in Johannesburg.  Since 2009 she owned her own consulting company which specialised in formulation development of natural and organic cosmetics. She has assisted many new brands and multinationals to take a product idea to product launch.  She is also the co-author of a patent for a hair care product.

She has been active in various professional associations in the cosmetic industry and has been president of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists of South Africa (Coschem) twice, in 2009 and 2015. She lectures on the cosmetic science diploma course and is a member of the education committee.  As president of the society she was invited to Japan in 2015 to participate in meetings with IFSCC (International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists). She was also on the steering committee for the IFSCC Congress 2012 which was held in Sandton and hosted international experts and industry visitors.

She has spoken at many conferences especially on the topic of natural cosmetics. She has also attended courses in Europe on the specialities of formulating natural and organic cosmetics.  She is also a full member of the Cosmetics and Toiletries Association of South Africa and is a member of the technical committee.


Social Media:



+27 72 431 7299
ELEANORE JANNETTI – Honey Fashion Consultant
Honey Fashion Accessories is a dynamic, exciting and innovative direct selling company. We market an extensive, affordable, exciting and high-quality range of fashion accessories on a direct-to-customer basis. Our vision is to make women look and feel good! We have a dream to develop a great direct selling company in South Africa through quality products, service and innovation, and to provide a sustainable business opportunity for anyone, anywhere.

About Eleanore and her business:

I started my career at the tender age of 17 years in 1978.  I passed Standard 8 and left school to assist my family financially. It was only much later in life that I realised the importance of a good education. To this end I studied at UNISA and completed a National Higher Diploma in Public Relations (2010).

Since 2003 I have dedicated my life to helping people with addictions and currently facilitate the 12 Step Recovery Programme.

In 2014 I registered a company called The Linen Den – I am a sole Proprietor.

In September 2016 I joined Honey Fashion Accessories as a Style Station Leader. I have since become a Team Leader and have a wonderful team of ladies working with me:-

Honey encompasses unique fashion jewelry accessories comprising of a range of products which include brooches, earrings, neck ware, rings, bracelets, handbags and watches. All our styles have been carefully designed to be fabulously inter-changeable within the many exciting themes in our Collection.

Honey Fashion Accessories are expertly electroplated with 24ct gold, rhodium or other types of innovative metal plating
Honey Brooches all feature safety clasps and fine, sharp pins to avoid damage to clothing
Honey glass-based pearls are hand-polished – each one is carefully selected for the perfect colour, size and lustre
Honey’s range is nickel free and predominantly allergy-safe
Honey handbags combine style with practicality. They are high in quality and come in a variety of styles – from the loved classics to the latest trends from international catwalks


Find me on Facebook: HoneyAlbertonFashionAccessories@ALBERTONBEEHIVE.CO.ZA/

+27 82 372 1335
ESTIE MATTHEUS – BodyTalk Balance Centre
I am a child of the 60’s.  Legend would have it that I was born in the Free State, but some of my first memories are that of the ocean where I would play for hours on the beach all by myself; only surrounded by the vastness of the All that Is.  During primary school, my family moved to a small town called Carletonville.  In a small town, you have to adapt and fit in with the normal – or else you would be outcast.  So for fear of being ‘different’, you learn to adapt.

My career has guided me to make decisions, follow specific paths and intermingle with a very diverse group of people and interest fields which did not always conform to the norm! 

When my brother was diagnosed with cancer, I started investigating alternative and natural therapies that could assist him – or so I thought.  This shift in focus culminated in many years and trainings later, in a complete career shift from the legal field – where I thought my passion was – to holistic healthcare and medicine. 


I am of the firm opinion that we are all here on a journey, All part of the All that Is and that is the focus that I bring to my work and my life. Treating everybody with respect whilst remaining true to my core values of integrity, honesty and truth, I am currently a full time Whole HealthCare practitioner from the BodyTalk Balance Centre in Winchester Hills Ext 1 [Johannesburg South].  I consult both in the clinic and am available to do remote work on request.

Working from the heart my hope is that I am able to bring the Light to everybody’s life - including my loving husband of 24 years, two beautiful daughters, 6 cats and my cutest Clover bunny!


Currently full time Whole HealthCare [tm] Certified PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner
Centre of Excellence Diploma in Naturopathy [2016]
SAQA Facilitator, Assessor & Moderator [2015]
Reiki & KaRuna Ki Master [2004]
Pranic Healing [2004]
Career, Personal & Business Growth Development & Training Facilitator [from various previous training and modalities – for a full list please visit my website]
Associations - International BodyTalk Association [IBA] []
South African BodyTalk Association [SABA] []
Owner and Practising from BodyTalk Balance Centre, 359 Dungarvan Avenue, Winchester Hills Ext 1 [Jhb South]

Facebook: personal:

Facebook business:


+27 82 804 6589
JUNE STONE – Body Harmony – Wellness Transformation Coach
As a certified health coach, trained in nutrition and coaching, I aim to educate, empower and inspire people to take back control of their health and learn to create a level of personal body harmony.  You will be guided in how to create a Wellness vision and explore why it’s become important to you.I have 16 years’ experience as a Personal Trainer and work from my home fitness studio, which means I add important insight into how to achieve a metabolically active body.I am also a self-appointed ambassador for the Inner Child that is unrepresented and misunderstood in our day-to-day lives. The Inner Child is the emotional self that lives inside of all of us, that has the capacity to guide and inform us in wise and healthy ways.

Creating Body Harmony is a balancing act that includes a sustainable nutrition plan, activity that keeps your body’s metabolic rate active, emotional wellness that reflects your actions with positive purposeful intention and a spiritual life lived with integrity, according to your personal values.

I aim to educate people about Childhood Emotional Neglect and how we as adults are unaware of the “silent struggle” as we downplay our emotions, and lose connection to our Inner Child. When parents fail to respond enough to your emotions, you grow up with a powerful, unspoken message that your emotions don’t matter. Relationship challenges, depression and anxiety are typical symptoms that can be successfully addressed, when you learn how much your emotions matter.

I have witnessed many successful Inner Child reconnections using Hypnosis as a gentle, yet magical healer.

I still enjoy some time in the Corporate world facilitating training for various interpersonal skills
078 7973486 or 0117944051
LEIGH JOY MANSEL-PLEYDELL – Author, Addictions Counsellor, Professional Speaker and Founder of ‘Leigh Joy Inspires’
Leigh Joy is an Author, Addictions Counsellor, Professional Speaker and Founder of 'Leigh Joy Inspires'. "My passion for inspiring addicts can be traced back 11 years to the beginning of my journey of recovery from drug addiction.  I have since I can remember been a fan of the underdog, the late bloomer, the rebel and the survivor!  It takes incredible courage to rise above the ashes of a life of addiction to, like a Phoenix, become a blazing light for others still struggling with addiction.  The last 6 years I have had the powerful, passionate purpose to help the addict who still suffers.  My superpowers are building trust and showing compassion to give my clients the opportunity to heal. Through my one-on-one consultations, I help addicts navigate the trenches and the mountaintops of their lives to live fulfilling lives of responsibility, consciousness and holistic authenticity. I am in the exciting throws of publishing my first book with Gavin Joackims Publishing:


There are many reasons why I do what I do.  Firstly, I don’t want addicts to feel alone, misunderstood, abandoned and rejected and to choose self-destructive behaviours because they don’t have the tools to cope with emotional pain.  Lastly, I wake each morning believing I am called to do this work - to help addicts to come out of the darkness of addiction and into the light of recovery.

Outside of the office, my kids are my most excellent teachers, and my darling husband helps to keep me well nourished, loved and humble.  On the cusp of being halfway to 90 years old I enjoy biodanza and tennis.

Brene Brown Tedtalk sensation and Jordan Petersen, the Canadian psychoanalyst, are my crushes and mentors.  I admire their no-nonsense approach and authentically sharing of themselves.

Connect with me over LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for networking, counselling and booking me as a Speaker at your event!

Skype:  Pistrix97


Article by Leigh Joy:






+27 79 525 8991
Lianne Mitchley has 20 years’ experience in the area of Impression Management. She received her training from The New Image Academy, Professional Impressions and Image Innovators and is also a trained make-up artist. She opened her company 'Image at Work' 2 years ago and has wowed thousands of men and women with her liveliness, warmth, un-inhibiting manner, enthusiasm, energy, humour and her powerful message. Lianne specializes in personalized consultations for men and women and most of her delegates become her friends and end up shopping with her regularly. She has also worked with many of the Miss South Africa winners in helping them improve the colours and styles that they wear to enhance their beauty even further. Recently she helped the Brides of the Year 2018 dress for the choosing of the finalists at the Maslov Hotel.


Most people appreciate the value of looking their best, but finding the time and energy to look great every day can be a really daunting challenge if you’re not sure how.

The good news is you don’t have to win the lottery, or wait to get chosen for a reality make-over show to discover how to look and feel great every day.

Using an Internationally Accredited Image Coaching System you can be assisted to:

Ø  Feel more attractive and improve your overall image confidence.

Ø  Discover your unique personal style and signature.

Ø  Create and maintain the most appropriate look for your profession.

Ø  Save you time and money by learning how to make better wardrobe choices.

Ø  Turn getting dressed in the morning into a pleasure rather than a chore.

Core Services include:

Ø  Flow colour analysis – Identify and learn to work with the colours that best suit you.

Ø  Shape analysis – Take the guess work out of dressing, learn which styles, lengths, scale and proportions will flatter your body shape, reflect your personality and match your lifestyle.

Ø  Make-up advice – Professional techniques to achieve the look you want or need.

Ø  Wardrobe management – Help with refining your current wardrobe into one that is more user-friendly, inspiring and versatile.

Ø  Personal shopping – An assisted shopping trip where we will shop for a few key pieces, and in so doing, you will learn how to practically apply your new style knowledge.



Facebook:  Lianne Hirst Mitchley
Twitter - @lianne04175209
LinkedIn – Lianne Mitchley

+27 82 458 8354 / +27 11 949 4284
Woman of Stature ‘Woman of the Year 2018’ Category Winner: Woman in Healthcare

Dr Mpume Simelane was born in Kwanzimakwe, a village near Port Shepstone South Coast- KZN. She is not only a passionate Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, but also Founding Chair of  Mics & Steths (Microphones &Stethoscopes) Legacy, a health and information consultancy that seeks to provide solutions to Sexual and Reproductive Health & Wellness through connecting Media and Medicine.
She mentions that in her work, she is constantly aware and burdened by the ills that women face. Finding a voice and language to self-articulate in a society where conversations about sex and sexuality are taboo, is one of her main areas of focus. Hence “Microphones and Stethoscopes.


Postgraduate: 2014 (Specialist Fellow of the Colleges of Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (FCOGSA). Wits university
Submitted theses MMED (masters of medicine in O & G) currently under marking Wits University
Undergraduate: 2006 Medical Doctor Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine UKZN
YALI Network: Focus on understanding Rights of Women and Girls 2017
ESMOE master-trainer’s course 2015
Dr Myles Munroe Level 1 leadership course 2013

Current work and career highlight

District Clinical Specialist (Obst & Gynae) Westrand District: she oversees maternal health including primary healthcare ,school health
Member of MEC of Health Gauteng task team in O&G: focusing on Clinical governance, Health Policy advisory and implementation
Gynaecologist: DISA Clinic (after hours, easy access gynae services)
Gauteng Region Executive Board Member: Southern Africa Sexual Health Association (SASHA)
Member of European Society of Sexual Medicine ESSM
Member of Interntional Society of Sexual Medicine ISSM
Women of Stature: Women of the year awards nominee (in healthcare) 2018
Nominee 2017: 120Under40 New Generation Leader in Family planning, Bill & Melinda Gates Institute
Founding Chair: Mics & Steths Legacy (Connecting Medicine & Media)
USA -New York PERFOMA17 travelled with Sir Professor Zanele Muholi: world renowned photographer and visual Research a model on how to improve accessible and friendly sexual and reproductive health services for women (November 2017)

Media Work: focus on women and children as an Educator, Speaker and Advocate

 CAMPAIGNS:  Gynae expert

POWA (People Opposed to Women Abuse
Lebresse: Vagina Varsity, Unembarrass Your Period
GEMS / Mamas & Papas Baby Showers


Co-host / Resident OB-GYNAE Sexual health radio show on Kaya FM (current)
Resident Gynae Mogale FM 2016 /17
Guest expert: Power FM, YFM


Guest expert contributor: Cosmopolitan, Mamas & Pappas, Sowetan Newspaper, Soul Magazine


Morning live
Babies 101
Thando Thabethe Bares A l
Rise Talk Show
Super-Doc TV Show



Twitter:   @celebgynae / @micsnsteths
Instagram: @dr.gynae

+27 076 596 5683
NQOBILE NKOSI  – Founder & CEO, Divine E Image Consultancy
I am a banker by profession and after 17 years in the corporate space, I decided to focus on my business and brand Divine Elegance Image Consultancy.

I have trained in image consulting and makeup and these are the services offered by Divine E.

I also love to give back to others and have supported, mentored and trained some young ladies from the township in Soweto by providing makeup skills to allow them to empower themselves and make meaningful contributions in their homes.

More about Nqobile ...

Being a public speaker, I am passionate about speaking to and motivating women and the youth. I have had the humbling opportunity to speak alongside Deborah Patta, formerly of 3rd Degree on eTV where I spoke to executives on personal branding.

I also have a strong passion for supporting other women-owned businesses and always make it a point to purchase from them and refer others where I’ve received good service and products. That’s my contribution to helping create a better world.

My company, Divine Elegance was birthed in 2008 from a desire to meet the needs of today’s modern women. It started as a part-time hobby and through customer demand soon evolved into a thriving business, being formally registered in 2014.

In a society so fast paced, where women consider everyone else’s needs before their own, the obvious result is that across the board almost all women agree, self-neglect is an overall problem.  This self-neglect comes with a high price tag attached to it; loss of confidence, feeling not good enough, low self-esteem and sometimes even problematic relationships.

With the knowledge that we are our own personal brands, and the significance of confidence and self-worth, I have made it my personal mission to make every woman I come into contact with feel beautiful within and, through skills, improve personal presence.

Teaching women to look after their appearance is from where I draw my energy and motivation.  Watching women transform themselves by changing their mindset, and the way they care for themselves, is my passion.


Professional make-up for all occasions
Wardrobe consultations
Colour analysis
Body analysis
Image & styling
Nail services
1-on-1 private consultations
Corporate workshops
Group workshops
Beauty & makeup accessories

Our services and products are tailor-made for each woman according to her personality and style for those in leadership, corporates, women in business and public speakers and young women preparing for and going into the corporate world.  Motivational, skills development and team building sessions can be facilitated in groups or in one-on-one sessions, on or off site. Our packages are tailor made to suit your budget and we are able to travel nationally for special events and occasions.


Social Media:

Facebook –     (Divine Elegance Image & Beauty Studio)

LinkedIn – (Divine Elegance Image & Beauty)

Twitter – (@elegance_divine)

Instagram – (@divine_elegance)
+27 83 567 8581
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