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Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: 'Woman in Media'

Bohlokwa Hloki Matlosa is a Media Studies graduate with a major in radio and she also holds a diploma in Public Relations. She is currently a radio content producer on SAfmRadio and a Plus-size model. After interning at SAfmRadio she produced Intune (The Youth Show) on weekends and now produces Afternoon Talk with Ashraf Garda on Weekdays, 14:00 – 16:00. She has been producing the show since January 2015.

“As a radio producer all I want to do is tell great stories and inspire listeners through other people’s amazing life journeys and experiences.’’ 

Bohlokwa is passionate about women empowerment but first, girl empowerment, she believes it’s important that we start them young. “Young girls need to be taught from an early age to love themselves, chase their dreams and know that they can achieve whatever it is they want, through hard work and believing in themselves. Having hosted powerful women like, Wendy Appelbaum, Dr Judy Dlamini, Dr Snowy Khoza amongst many others has shown me that nothing comes easy but that you work hard and you persevere. Being a very quiet and reserved child held me back from doing so much but I later realised that only I can make things happen for myself and that’s when the radio door amongst many others opened.”

Bohlokwa has been featured in publications like Drum Magazine, Essays of Africa Magazine, which had DJ Zinhle on the cover where she shared her career journey. She made Top 4 of the the Khosi Nkosi First Plus Size Model Search in 2013 and also walked the Soweto Fashion Week ramp in 2016. She has also been on platforms like YOTV talking about body image, body positivity and colourism. She featured in the #BeautifulPowerfulYOU campaign with Destiny Connect where she shared the turning point in her life. “ I have just completed a programme in Individual Voice & Pronunciation at the Voice Clinic. I decided to take this up because I am looking to get behind the mic and as well as get on screen.”

Apart from being inspired by her mother and grandmother, she looks up to phenomenal women (in Maya Angelou’s words) Michelle Obama, Redi Thlabi ,Viola Davis, Masechaba Mtolo and Oprah. “They are hardworking women who through their different inspirational journeys and successes have paved the way for other young women.” she says

“As a radio producer all I want to do is tell great stories and inspire listeners through other people's amazing life journeys  and experiences.’’– Bohlokwa Matlosa


Instagram and Twitter: @BohlokwaMatlosa

Facebook: Bohlokwa Hloki Matlosa

CINDY DIAMOND – Group Sales Director, Mediamark
Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: 'Woman in Media'

Cindy’s life draws a parallel to her surname, Diamond, in that it is multi-faceted, but each facet plays an equally important role in her life.  Starting off her career over 20 years ago with a degree in psychology, Cindy’s drive for understanding the human psyche still remains her passion and has set her in good stead in all areas of her life.

As Mediamark’s Group Sales Director and one of the founders, Cindy Diamond leads top sales teams tasked to craft multichannel advertising solutions for brands. Cindy has been instrumental in Mediamark’s transformation from a radio sales house to a media results company drawing on the benefits of radio, digital, TV, content and events, including events and activations. Under her management, Mediamark has won numerous industry awards, recognising their sales excellence, innovation and successful campaign results.

More about Cindy:

Cindy is a wife and mother of 3 children and ensures she is always very involved in her family’s life providing a constant presence as well as strong support to both her husband and children. Even though her schedule is hectic and there is often not enough hours in the day, each day, Cindy still finds time for a session at the gym as well as a moment of prayer, strongly believing in a healthy body, soul and mind.

Cindy excels in all spheres of her life, with not one facet achieving less attention than the next. Her passion for a quick thrill saw her summiting Kilimanjaro as well as engaging in activities such as rock climbing and open water canoeing.

In her downtime, you will find her and her family actively engaged in outdoor activities, whether it be riding with their Harley Davison motorcycle Club, cheering her kids on the sports field or simply relaxing with her friends and family over a fine single malt.

Cindy Diamond is an exceptionally gifted leader who can inspire and lead people to achieve amazing things. Following in her late father’s footsteps, Cindy entrenches herself in community based projects, ranging from youth counselling and women mentoring to fund raising initiatives for social development and change.

She is an asset to her company and a reliable, honest and fair leader to her team.  Cindy is not afraid to jump into the trenches and join the infantry. As a General, she commands respect and despite her success and achievements over the years, Cindy remains humble, considerate and sincere.


"A true Diamond – multi-faceted and multi talented"

ELEANORE JANNETTI – Honey Fashion Consultant
Honey Fashion Accessories is a dynamic, exciting and innovative direct selling company. We market an extensive, affordable, exciting and high-quality range of fashion accessories on a direct-to-customer basis. Our vision is to make women look and feel good! We have a dream to develop a great direct selling company in South Africa through quality products, service and innovation, and to provide a sustainable business opportunity for anyone, anywhere.

About Eleanore and her business:

I started my career at the tender age of 17 years in 1978.  I passed Standard 8 and left school to assist my family financially. It was only much later in life that I realised the importance of a good education. To this end I studied at UNISA and completed a National Higher Diploma in Public Relations (2010).

Since 2003 I have dedicated my life to helping people with addictions and currently facilitate the 12 Step Recovery Programme.

In 2014 I registered a company called The Linen Den – I am a sole Proprietor.

In September 2016 I joined Honey Fashion Accessories as a Style Station Leader. I have since become a Team Leader and have a wonderful team of ladies working with me:-

Honey encompasses unique fashion jewelry accessories comprising of a range of products which include brooches, earrings, neck ware, rings, bracelets, handbags and watches. All our styles have been carefully designed to be fabulously inter-changeable within the many exciting themes in our Collection.

Honey Fashion Accessories are expertly electroplated with 24ct gold, rhodium or other types of innovative metal plating
Honey Brooches all feature safety clasps and fine, sharp pins to avoid damage to clothing
Honey glass-based pearls are hand-polished – each one is carefully selected for the perfect colour, size and lustre
Honey’s range is nickel free and predominantly allergy-safe
Honey handbags combine style with practicality. They are high in quality and come in a variety of styles – from the loved classics to the latest trends from international catwalks


Find me on Facebook: HoneyAlbertonFashionAccessories@ALBERTONBEEHIVE.CO.ZA/

+27 82 372 1335
ELRIKE JANSE VAN RENSBURG – ENJO South Africa – Cleaning Products
ENJO is an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative that helps you to eliminate up to 90% of your chemical usage in your home and office, while being more effective than traditional cleaning methods.
Think about it! Converting your household to ENJO will even make your monthly shopping easier, as you can skip the harmful chemicals isle in the supermarket, and saving you monthly on your cleaning expenses.

About Elrike and her business:

Elrike is a wife, mother and successful entrepreneur. She is the Director of ENJO South Africa.

ENJO is a healthier way to clean. Well, you know about the warning on the labels of the detergents that state that they are dangerous and need to be kept out of reach of your children. Numerous studies already indicate that the huge increase in allergies and other health problems is as a result of the chemicals used to clean homes.

Our unique range of planet-friendly cleaning products is available exclusively through our one-on-one consultations and in-home ENJO demo's presented by our ENJOpreneurs.

Book now for an exclusive ENJO demonstration in your home and experience the power and ease of use of ENJO. During the demo you will also experience ENJO as a top class system that cleans only with water and is more effective, safer, and easier, than cleaning with harmful and poisonous detergents.

ENJO is easy and quick to use, in 3 steps: Wet, Wipe, and Dry!

Call 086 001 7401 to book a personal appointment for an exclusive demo in the privacy of your own home. (Demo's currently only available in Gauteng)
+27 86 001 7401
+27 11 568 1827
FAHEEMA MOHAMED – Restore Health Water
We are passionate about people and treat our clients like family. Only through the support of family can one grow and fulfill a higher purpose. With this in mind, we have started marketing the business through family and friends and they have been drinking the A.I.M (Alkaline. Ionised. Mineral.) water for months and have all testified to the benefits of Restore Health Water powered by Chanson.

More about Faheema and her business:

All this began with getting retrenched. Some might think that this was the worst thing that could ever happen to a couple, and at the same time! We however, had to ask ourselves if we wanted to continue to “be a number” in a company or if we wanted something more. We decided it was time to make a change and not just to make a living, but also to do something that would make a difference in peoples' lives and add value.

Having had numerous illnesses in the family, we (a husband and wife team) stumbled, through a friend, colleague and mentor, onto Alkaline ionized water. We were told of the health benefits of drinking the “Right” water and just by drinking water, one could restore their health. Only after having felt the benefits of drinking the right water, Restore Health Water (RestoreH20) was founded to try and assist people to attain a better quality of life.



+27 11 701 5023
Gail works with an international company and small to medium businesses who are looking to expand their market share locally and play in the global market.

Gail comes from a corporate IT background and from 2013 she decided to get into the entrepreneurial space.

"We have devised a vehicle for individuals to create earnings based on global shopping markets, allowing people to earn across 25+ currencies. No longer be reliant on solely the SA Rand for income. We have options to suit small to large budgets."


For more information, contact Gail on:

+27 83 287 5090
HELEN DESBOIS – Showbiz in Full HD, Editor in Chief
Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Category Winner: Woman in Media

I am a passionate, driven, creative person who strives to be the best in everything I do whilst exploring every aspect of my field.

I have been in the entertainment industry for 20 years and performed on stage, television, film and radio locally and internationally.

*Owner and creator of Showbiz in FULL HD, an online entertainment site for all things music, theatre, television, film , interviews with celebrities and giveaways;

*Showbiz In Full HD Presenter & Breakfast with Blewitt Co Host on Mix FM 93.8

*Actress, Singer, Presenter and Voice Artist



+27 84 555 9877
JEANETTE DAVID – PR & Communications Director, Hashtag South Africa
Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: Woman in Media

Jeanette Charmaine David is a Publicist, Humanitarian, Motivational Speaker and Inspirational blog'ger, Social Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Peak Performance and Transformation Practitioner, single mom to 3 adult children, and is currently writing her first autobiography.

Jeanette explains that social media is an integral part of today's society, the very fabric upon which our society is being built, so why not use this platform to promote positive instead of negative, to educate, inspire, bring awareness, raise hope and create lasting change. She has been approached to host her own television talk show "Living On Purpose with Jeanette David”.  The talk show will be a platform that will make a positive difference and inspire the viewers to take better control of their destinies, hence the slogan "Living On Purpose". The guests that appear on the show will reveal how they aligned their struggles, challenges and mountaintop experiences to their purpose, spreading the message of hope to a national and international audience.

More about Jeanette David:

Jeanette qualified with distinction in Public Relations at Damelin and holds an international certification and accreditation as a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, Programmer, and Coach approved by The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Jeanette will complete and receive her credentials in Master Life Coaching in February 2018 which then places her in the top 2% of Life Coaches in South Africa.

Jeanette is currently the PR and Communications Director at Hashtag South Africa, a social and digital media company, a Top 100 influential company in SA in the Science and Tech category. Jeanette currently inspires and motivates through various media platforms including her blogs on JEANETTE DAVID.COM

Jeanette is a true humanitarian at heart and was the Regional Manager for Joint Aid Management (JAM) a humanitarian relief and development organisation. Jeanette initiated, managed and ran all the programs in KZN for the last 4 years. JAM provides daily nutrition to starving hungry children collectively in Africa and South Africa. JAM feeds 1.5 million children daily through their initiatives.

Jeanette believes that there is no higher calling that is more fulfilling and rewarding than being of service to our fellow mankind and has dedicated her life to doing so. Jeanette has an innate ability to make personal connections with strangers. She believes that there is no difference between herself, and the next person, she is authentic and wants people to see themselves in her, she explains, through the setbacks and challenges she encountered.

Jeanette is no stranger to hurt, pain, deep loss, and sorrow. Here's a snippet from her upcoming book "Still I Rise"…

“Looking back on my life, I see all the storms I had to hurdle, the pain and deep loss I had to endure. I've passed through that place, called hopelessness on the way there, I almost tasted death through a life-threatening illness. I had my identity taken away when everything I worked for and acquired was ripped away in a blink of an eye. I’ve had more than my fair share, of heartbreaks and regrets. I’ve tasted from that bitter cup of betrayal too.

All that time, little did I realise that in this process I was this uncut diamond, being shaped and polished by every situation I encountered. The one thing that remained constant was God, even in the black silence I knew He was near. My insufficiencies to handle situations created avenues for God to show up and aid me through the maze.

All of this has brought me to a place of having my total reliance and stability firmly rooted in God. Now when I do go through stuff I’m not a leaf being tossed about aimlessly in the wind. Life has so much more purpose, in all of this I found my true calling. I choose to use my setbacks as the backdrop to help and steer others in their turmoil, it is my destiny to see you reach yours, motivate you to raise your hope and survive.

If asked, if I could turn back the hands of time and change the direction my life had taken? My answer will be without any hesitation, ‘NO’. All of my past was a vital ingredient in shaping my today's. The certainty of that blessed assurance got me through it all. Today I’m that finished diamond I choose to shine in every circumstance and through any situation.

I choose to Live Life On Purpose and in doing this motivate, inspire, unlock and awaken people to the hidden treasures and unused potential they have inside, giving them real life tools to live their best life NOW.”


KAGISO LEGODI – Founder, Tulips Publishing
Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: Youth Ambassador

Kagiso Legodi is a Social Entrepreneur, Author and an Advocate for women’s rights.

She is the Founder of Tulips Publishing, a self-publishing imprint.  In her book titled “Flooded But Not Drowned”, she talks about the taboos plagued in our communites.

Kagiso studied Accounting at the Tshwane University of Technology.  During her time at TUT she worked closely with Nhwana Wo Hiteka, a charity organisation dedicated to distributing food parcels to the less fortunate.

At only 23, she is an inspirational speaker and a certified coach from MHI Leadership Firm.  She is the Founder of “I am She”, a women empowerment initiative that aims to address and redress social gender inequalities.

She believes that she is called to heal hearts and bring hope to many – particularly young women. Her core message to young people is, “Find your purpose and pursue it”.

Her work has garnered a number of mentions in the media and she has spoken on several radio stations, iterating her passion for youth empowerment.

+27 79 920 8635
LINDY KENDRICK – Bitcoin Mining
Proud Woman of Stature Member, Business Builder, Cryptocurrency Enthusiast and Bitcoin Miner!
Together with a core group of experts, I assist forward thinking individuals to become self -sufficient and take control of their financial future through the utilization of an online investment and business building platform.

We have launched the world’s first safe digital mining platform for the individual to create digital currency in a secure environment. We have partnered with the best in the industry and are proud to put our names and faces to the platform to help people hedge some of their wealth in the new-age currencies.

Whether you want to build a business around cryptocurrencies, or just want to put some funds into cryptocurrency mining as a long term, wealth creation strategy, we have a solution for you.

SAFE Ɩ SECURE Ɩ TRUSTED Cryptocurrency Mining


Find me on LinkedIn:

+27 82 659 3502
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