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ANITA JACK – Elevate Horizons – Kinesiologist, Speaker, Trainer, Holistic Coach
Expand your Horizons – Illuminate your Life

Anita Jack is an experienced Marketing Professional and has worked in various companies such as Makro, Bantex, Woman & Home magazine, and Discovery.

She became very ill in 2012 and through her journey of recovery, she discovered her passion for helping others lead a healthy and fulfilled life. Since then, Anita has qualified as a Kinesiologist, a Master Life Coach, and an Exercise Specialist.


Anita is passionate about wellness, not only physical wellness though, but holistic wellness. Holistic wellness encompasses body, mind, career, relationships, family, finance, and even spirituality. As all these aspects are important to a person’s well-being. She thrives on empowering and elevating people to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives.

Anita is a member of the Association of Specialised Kinesiologists of South Africa, a member of the International Coach Federation, a member of MENSA, and an Ambassador for Business Networking International.

Anita has developed a variety of talks and workshops on topics related to holistic wellness and self-discovery, to help you unlock your full potential and live your best life.

Anita is also one of the Woman of Stature “Impact Circle” trainers.

Contact Anita for a keynote presentation, an informal talk, a tailor-made workshop to meet your company’s objectives, or even a fun team building workshop for your staff.


You can find Anita on:


ANN LIGMAN – Pawback (Pty) Ltd –  CEO/Founder/Owner
Woman of Stature "Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: Woman in Education

Ann Ligman absorbs knowledge like a sponge, continually learning from everyone and everything in her immediate environment and selflessly sharing it with those deprived from opportunity or resources to learn. It is her life's mission to transfer knowledge and her passion for sharing information to empower the individual was cultivated from childhood.

Ann never played with typical girl toys but always sat down her childhood friends in a makeshift classroom "teaching" them. During the heat  of township violence against apartheid education systems, she often find herself playing the role of teacher to her classmates as white teachers could not enter townships without risking their lives.  To gain her matriculation exemption for first degree studies, she signed up subjects not offered at her local high school and through self-study achieved her goal being amongst the first non-whites to be absorbed in the formerly white only University of Port Elizabeth.

Ann is the only graduate from her family of 12 siblings. Her, dad, a former farm worker changed state general worker at Water Affairs and her mother, a former domestic worker turned house executive, always believed in her future as a school teacher including community leaders. However, she choose an unknown path much to the shock and surprise of community leaders who tried to convince her otherwise as the family lacked financial resources for  tertiary education trying to impose a state teacher's Bursary on her. Ann chose commercial studies instead paying for her own fees initially through income earned from her entrepreneurial initiatives at high school and secured a Coca-Cola Bursary in her first year which she later forfeited when her studies was interrupted due to illness. She returned the following year with a TEFSA Bursary loan from Kagiso Trust which converted to a NSFAS Bursary loan.

She actively participated in campus church activity, ran the campus church bookshop and during breaks did outreach amongst the destitute living on the streets transferring knowledge through one-on-one counselling, drama, spiritual dancing and miming.

As a professional, mentoring and coaching formed an integral part of her day as employers soon recognised her natural ability to teach and transfer knowledge.  Against all odds, despite her poverty stricken small town background, Ann make a break into the professional World of Corporate Accounting (a white male dominated environment historically) and acquired several qualifications whilst building her career and starting a family. She kept on with her educational initiatives doing coaching programmes amongst members of previously disadvantaged communities from her home study and fro.

Through these community give back activities the Pawback brand was born, focusing initially on children and professionals with special learning needs and currently focus entirely on training and development, coaching and mentoring in emerging entrepreneurial business.

Ann uses all sorts of media to bring her message across, selflessly providing both radio and television learning content on demand free of charge. She has over 7500 entrepreneurs and professionals benefiting from her Whatsapp entrepreneurial information-sharing broadcasts and Facebook groups.  Pawback CSI gave birth out of necessity to the Aiona Foundation focusing on helping 75% poverty stricken entrepreneurial communities with learning and access to information that can change their dire, helpless situations.

She reads her own story in snippets of struggling entrepreneurial stories, especially those of Women Standing Alone.   As an Aspiring bestselling author, books forms an integral part of her world and it is thus not surprising that her current projects includes writing an entrepreneurial guide for Aiona Foundation beneficiaries based on intimate knowledge gained through her travelling educational programmes amongst rural entrepreneurs. She is also writing her life story to inspire existing and aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs, sharing her extremely challenging and painful life's journey and entrepreneurial journey in an empowering and uplifting manner.

Ann is a practising Messianic Judaistic believer whose faith ultimately helps to maintain her sanity in an, at times, demoralising and destructively painful quest for entrepreneurial success.

Ann’s Facebook Bio reads:  "Just a country girl groomed in urban corporate for rural empowerment”.


BHIJAL PARBHOO – Women Empowerment Programme
I am 28 years of age with an Honours degree in Hospitality Management. I am a full-time businesswomen, Yoga, dance and self-defence instructor, Author of children’s books, Motivational Speaker and Volunteer at Kingsway School. I was in the Miss Inspire South Africa Top 4 for 2017 and a Miss Earth SA finalist for 2016. I live to inspire the lives of others, from my women empowerment programmes to my full-time job in our family retail business. I have just published my first children's book and am already working on the second. I work with an underprivileged school where we try to meet as many of the children’s needs as possible. I have my own women empowerment programme which I also incorporate into my YouTube videos.

I live by this saying from Mahatma Gandhi ‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.’

My women empowerment programme includes motivational speaking, dance, yoga and self-defence for beginners. The motivational speaking includes affirmations which we can use to keep reminding ourselves of how appreciative we should be of all the wonderful aspects of our lives. The dance includes 2-step, Indian and belly dance. I have been dancing since the age of 8 so it is in my blood and I love to share the joy and happiness it brings to me. The self defence is the basics on the different manoeuvres a woman can use to defend herself during an attack.

As I began my journey in Miss Earth South Africa I realized my calling was to help other women achieve greatness.


Social Media:-
Instagram:  BhijalP
Facebook:   Bhijal Parbhoo
Linkedin:    Bhijal Parbhoo

+27 76 252 7751
BUYISIWE KHOZA – Inqaba Yokulinda Youth Organisation
Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: 'Woman in Education'

Audrey Buyisiwe Khoza, is a social activist with her heart rooted in developing, empowering and uplifting the youth. Her passion to see young individuals developed is actioned through ensuring Education, Transformation and Skills Development further empower the South African youth.

Ms Khoza is resilient, tenacious, persuasive, innovative, strategic and a clear leader. She has a passion for community development especially for young people who are our national asset from school level up to graduate level. She is supportive, active and visible in programmes done at grass-root level. She has the ability to develop, interpret and implement policies, strategies and legislation. She holds the following Qualification’s: Project Management, National Marketing Diploma, Assessor, Degree in Occupational Directed Education, Training and Development Practices, Business Communication and Business Management (City & Guilds of London) and Business Administration. She is a John Maxwell Accredited Facilitator.

Her unquenchable thirst to bring change goes beyond just the influence of existing organisations, but extends out to transforming the communities reached. It was for this reason she launched Inqaba Yokulinda Youth Organisation, a Non-Profit Organisation that has been an enthusiastic driver, a point of contact in transforming the lives of young people within the country, for over 14 years. Her desire to see change will further aid in her quest to not only give hope to young individuals, but will contribute towards the eradication of poverty among the youth of our country by providing a means to have youth become active contributors to society, one neighbour at a time. Over the years, Ms Khoza has been part of the cogs of youth development within the country by leading the youth through a journey of self-discovery.

Ms Khoza has intentionally strived to be in spaces where her impact could further benefit others, such as serving in the Presidential Youth Working Group, being an adjudicator for the National Lotteries Commission for Beneficiary & Staff Awards and forming partnerships with entities such as the National Youth Development Agency for the utilisation of their local youth branches for further reach and impact of programs implemented. Inqaba is a Cisco Academy under the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and its Accredited with the ETDP SETA for Youth Practitioner NQL4 and NQL5.

She was also nominated by the Centre for Education Policy Development (CEPD) to be part of the Reference Group for a 3 year feasibility study on Youth Community Service funded by DHET. Ms Khoza and the organisation were nominated for the Big Time BBQ Awards, in 2017.

Prior to serving as CEO for (IYYO), she was the Provincial Project Manager for a Special Program in the Gauteng Province called the Integrated Community Based Services Programme (ICBS) reporting to the HOD from the Department of Health. Her role was to integrate the community-based services rendered by 11 different Gauteng Provincial Government Departments at local level through community structures, with the intention of improving service delivery and eliminating duplication when services are delivered to individuals and households.

Her most recent partnership with Orlando Pirates Football Club, steered the successful running of an after school program which has assisted 1200 primary school pupils in subjects such as Mathematics, Science, Economics. The desire to continue to see more young individuals benefit from programs that Inqaba Yokulinda coordinates, will pioneer the launching of Learning Centres in KZN, Free State and Mpumalanga by August 2018.

Woman of Stature 'Woman of the Year 2018' Finalist: 'Entrepreneur of the Year'

Catherine is driven by her passion for people and her obsession with adding value to Business, Corporates, Entrepreneurs and Individuals.  She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and is currently enrolled to complete her PhD in The Science of Human Transformation processes.  This is through the Open Commonwealth University in the UK.  She has developed a therapy model for people who are ‘stuck’ and who find it very difficult or challenging to implement changes in their worlds filled with complexities.  The model is titled ‘Getting Unstuck’.  Her research paper is to be submitted during 2018.

She founded a training and development business almost 22 years ago, called Thinking Dynamics which offers a wide variety of training programmes in the areas of business strategy, facilitation, leadership development and improved team performance.

Catherine is an internationally accredited master trainer for Dr. Edward de Bono in South Africa.  

Catherine has worked with various corporations such as the JSE, Coca Cola, The Foschini Group, South African Reserve Bank, Nedbank Ltd. Standard Bank, Sasol, John Deere, Emerald Casino Hotel, Heineken, Novo Nordisk, Hollard, Hensoldt, SAAB, Absa Bank, WBHO Construction, Unisa, University of Pretoria, Oceana Group and many others.  The value Catherine brings to her clients is evident in the repeat business and long-term relationships she has formed over the years.  She is also highly sought after as an Executive Coach to various CEO’s and other senior leaders in this country.

She is delightful and creative as a speaker / presenter and has addressed audiences at various local and international conferences and gatherings on a variety of subjects including personal, relational and business transformation.

Her latest international speaking engagement took place in Orlando, Florida, United States, addressing an audience of 2000 people representing various businesses from over 70 different countries.

Catherine was furthermore the designated psychologist to work with South African Woman’s Magazine on a variety of subjects relating to personal wellness and effectiveness. Catherine has been instrumental in assisting women who have struggled to lose weight and guiding them through a journey she calls ‘Emotional Weight Loss’.  Catherine has over the past four years been a witness to the power of such an intervention and how this empowers women to change the way they live and make decisions resulting in inward and outward transformation that is real and sustainable.  To further her reach and help more women, Catherine has created an e-Book which guides women through the journey of emotional weight-loss in a practical way.

She has written and published various articles for the magazine over the past four years.  She has furthermore published and co-authored a total of 4 books.

Her most recent appointment (1 February 2018) has been that of the Managing Director of a subsidiary company named Foursight South Africa.  It is her responsibility to manage 15 small entrepreneurial businesses to deliver results to the holding company named 4Sight Holdings, listed at the JSE during 2017.  She is therefore responsible to manage a total of  20 businesses.

Her philosophy of life is to travel light and take with you just what you need, inspiration comes as and when you can give it to others and to embrace change as it is sure to happen.

She loves addressing groups of women especially and has done so as a non-paid guest speaker helping to raise funds for charity and all kinds of intentions.

Catherine is a proud mom of 2 wonderful boys aged at 24 and 9 years old, loves her family and friends, the outdoors, new adventures, gets lost in good books and regards herself as an enthusiastic partaker of life, one grateful for every opportunity awarded to her.

DEBBIE MILLS – Seize Your Vision Life Coaching
Debbie’s lifelong passion to help and support people in need, took direction in 2017 after attending life coaching sessions herself. She identified her purpose, set goals and so “Seize Your Vision Life Coaching” was founded in 2018.

Her speciality lies in coaching retirees and families with elderly parents. She empowers seniors to improve their mindset, enrich their quality of life (by creating joy, tapping into their dreams and desires ) and to find meaning and purpose, which is so important in the later stages of one’s life.

Families with elderly parents are empowered to find solutions within themselves, to deal with the physical, emotional and psychological changes brought about by the aging process of their parents. As Debbie has been through this herself, she fully understands the difficulties and anguish that families go through …. It’s very hard.  Support is of the utmost importance.

In addition, she coaches personal growth for anyone wanting to improve themselves, realize their dreams and aspirations, and set goals.

Debbie is passionate and committed to her clients of all ages. They are provided with tools to confidently deal with their challenges, push past emotional barriers and to see their life in a more positive and exciting light.


Let her take your hand and journey with you.......



Facebook Link :

+27 83 296 5318
DEE PILLAY – Training and Transformation Business Solutions
About T&T Business Solutions -  Their services include Training Strategy Development, Management and Leadership Training, Product Knowledge Training, Retail Selling Skills Training for Sales and After-Sales, and Customer Treatment Training for various customer orientated environments.  They also offer Skills Development Strategies and Launch Training Solutions, Assessment Centres and Skills Competitions.  T &T Business Solutions pride themselves on offering some of the best trainers in the industry, with the right combination of work experience, training experience and transfer of learning focused on practical application.  Their development solutions focus on blended methodologies that include classroom training, workplace coaching, e-learning and other learning solutions.

About Dee and her business:

Dee lives with her husband, Pat, and two children in Centurion, Gauteng. She is the owner of T&T Business Solutions.

Dee has been involved in organisational development and human resource empowerment and motivation for the past 20 years, extensively within the Corporate world, both locally as well as internationally. She holds qualifications from the University of Johannesburg and the University of Stellenbosch Business School, and is an accredited and registered Assessor through the ETDP Seta to conduct Outcomes Based Assessments.  Dee has facilitated and developed training within very diverse portfolios, such as Sales, Service, Parts, Learnerships, Computer Literacy, Trainee – Executive Management, Product Training, Customer Service, Human Resources, and Driver Training, to name a few.  She has established herself as an excellent and respected HRD Practitioner and Human Resources Development Specialist.

In addition to the above, Dee also specialises in the field of building High Performance Teams and Conflict Resolution and has a passion for the empowerment and development of women and youth.

Training and Transformation Business Solutions has been contracted to Woman of Stature to facilitate the 5 Pillars of Empowerment Learning Journey.  (click here for more information on the 5 Pillars)
+27 72 139 0151
Together with Dee Pillay and Training & Transformation Business Solutions, Ilona has been contracted to Woman of Stature to facilitate the 5 Pillars of Empowerment Learning Journey


Ilona is a business professional as well as being a busy wife and mother.  She lives with her husband, David, and 4 children in Centurion, Gauteng.

After more than 23 years of experience in Corporate, Ilona Engela has recently followed her dream to become a Consultant where she uses her creativity in the field of Learning and Development to offer clients innovative learning solutions.

With her degrees in Psychology and experience in the fields of Organisational and Leadership Development, Retail Sales, After-Sales and Non-Technical Training Management in the Motor Industry, she has a  comprehensive collection of skills to bring to her clients.
+27 82 325 1080
LYNN HILL – Lynn Hill International – Speaker, Transformational Practitioner, Life Coach and Authoress
I shift people from mindsets of mediocrity to excellence. I inspire others to become masters of their destiny rather than victims of their history. I empower individuals to become their ultimate most authentic versions of themselves. I do this through speaking, training, coaching and writing.

About Lynn Hill:

Lynn is an Inspirational Speaker, Authoress, Life Coach and Columnist. Her daily inspiration in all national newspapers reaches 7 million South Africans per day.   She embodies passion, excellence and resilience.  Lynn has authored her first book which she plans to self-publish,  as well as created inspirational products which includes the co-branded Woman of Stature Inspirational Journal which is launching soon.

Her work has been endorsed by leadership guru and authoress, Professor Shirley Zinn. She has been invited to collaboratively work with Celebrity Clinical Psychologist, Charissa Bloomberg (of whom Prof. Thuli Madonsela is a patron) on Integrity Leadership. Lynn Hill has recently been invited to speak at two conferences in the USA and plans to expand her speaking engagements globally in 2018.

Lynn Hill has birthed the Soul Power Movement with the intention to raise a universal consciousness in relation to demonstrating respect, compassion, love, kindness and integrity 365 days a year towards self and others.


+27 84 401 2328
MAPALO MAKHU – Woman&Finance platform
Woman of Stature ‘Woman of the Year 2018’ Category Winner: Woman in Education

Mapalo Makhu is a Personal Finance Coach, Speaker, money blogger and the founder of Woman&Finance. She has a strong passion for working with professionals and entrepreneurs to get them excited about their finances and bring their financial dreams to reality.

Having completed a Bcom Finance Degree from the University of Johannesburg and obtaining her Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning, Mapalo founded Woman&Finance to educate and inspire women to take charge of their finances and make the best financial decisions for their current and future selves. After having worked in the financial services industry for 5 years, she founded Woman&Finance.

Why Woman&Finance:

Through the Woman & Finance platform, Mapalo has collaborated with some of South Africa’s best financial minds to create content and generate fresh and relevant insight into an area many feel unqualified to engage in. As a recognised thought leader, Mapalo’s work has been featured in local publications such as Destiny Magazine, Destiny Man, CliffCentral, SA fm, Classic fm and eNCA to name a few. On a continental level, the universal appeal of her message has seen her collaborate with to provide her unique brand of ‘jargon free’ financial education.

Woman&Finance has also been awarded one of the Top 40 Financial Blogs for Women.

Woman&Finance focus areas:

1-on-1 Personal Finance Coaching:-

Develop an inspiring financial vision for your life
Gain clarity about the next step you should take in your finances
Assessing your spending habits
Allocating your money and establishing a realistic budget
Review of all your financials
Savings & investing
Net worth analysis and how to increase your net worth

Employee Financial Wellness programmes and Training:-

We address employees’ financial needs with our unique training programmes which include:

A comprehensive, unbiased and product free training; Goal Setting; Budgeting; Debt Elimination; Emergency Cash; Cash Flow Management; Risk Management; Saving Methods; Investment Principles; Retirement Planning; Estate Planning

Mapalo truly believes in the words of Mahatma Ghandi when he says, “educate a woman; educate a nation”, and that is why Woman&Finance was born.

“Even the smallest education/information on personal finance can make a huge difference in women’s financial future and wealth, after all women are the bearers of generational wealth.” – Mapalo Makhu
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