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ANITA JACK – Elevate Horizons – Kinesiologist, Master Life and Business Coach, and Exercise Specialist.
Expand your Horizons – Illuminate your Life

Anita Jack was an experienced Marketing professional until she became very ill in 2012. Through her journey of recovery, she discovered her passion for helping others lead a healthy and fulfilled life. Since then, Anita has qualified as a Kinesiologist, a Master Life and Business Coach, and an Exercise Specialist.


Anita is passionate about wellness, not only physical wellness though, but holistic wellness. Holistic wellness encompasses body, mind, career, relationships, family, finance, and even spirituality. As all these aspects are important to a person’s well-being. She thrives on empowering and elevating people to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives.

Anita is a member of the Association of Specialised Kinesiologists of South Africa, a member of the International Coach Federation, a member of MENSA, and an Ambassador for Business Networking International.

Anita has developed a variety of talks and workshops on topics related to holistic wellness and self-discovery, to help you unlock your full potential and live your best life.

Anita is also one of the Woman of Stature “Impact Circle” trainers.

Contact Anita for a keynote presentation, an informal talk, a tailor-made workshop to meet your company’s objectives, or even a fun team building workshop for your staff.


You can find Anita on:


BHIJAL PARBHOO – Women Empowerment Programme / Impact Circle Trainer for Yoga, Self-Defence for beginners and Dance
I am 28 years of age with an Honours degree in Hospitality Management. I am a full-time businesswomen, Yoga, dance and self-defence instructor, Author of children’s books, Motivational Speaker and Volunteer at Kingsway School. I was in the Miss Inspire South Africa Top 4 for 2017 and a Miss Earth SA finalist for 2016. I live to inspire the lives of others, from my women empowerment programmes to my full-time job in our family retail business. I have just published my first children's book and am already working on the second. I work with an underprivileged school where we try to meet as many of the children’s needs as possible. I have my own women empowerment programme which I also incorporate into my YouTube videos.

I live by this saying from Mahatma Gandhi ‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.’

My women empowerment programme includes motivational speaking, dance, yoga and self-defence for beginners. The motivational speaking includes affirmations which we can use to keep reminding ourselves of how appreciative we should be of all the wonderful aspects of our lives. The dance includes 2-step, Indian and belly dance. I have been dancing since the age of 8 so it is in my blood and I love to share the joy and happiness it brings to me. The self defence is the basics on the different manoeuvres a woman can use to defend herself during an attack.

As I began my journey in Miss Earth South Africa I realized my calling was to help other women achieve greatness.


Social Media:-
Instagram:  @BhijalP
Facebook:   Bhijal Parbhoo
Linkedin:    Bhijal Parbhoo
+27 76 252 7751
CLAUDINA HAFENSCHER – Training and Facilitation
I am an Innovator, Giver and Teacher.
My purpose on earth is to inspire and motivate people by sharing my skills, knowledge and experience through Training and Facilitating.
I value Passion, Honesty and Challenges.
My legacy is to be instrumental in the discovery of potential and growth in others.

I always refer to my surname as "HAVE AND SHARE” which sums up how I manage my personal, spiritual and business life.

I am a motivated and driven person with a humble and eager-to-learn spirit. Combined with my strong personality, my driven positivity and perseverance to succeed, I take on new challenges as part of my constant growth process.

I have 10 years of experience in the field of training, coaching and counselling as an Educational Kinesiologist, Facilitator and Trainer, where I have touched the lives of individuals, groups, scholars, educators and corporate members on all levels of management.

I am actively involved in facilitating career planning at high school level, in co-operation with Brainwave Careers (NGO), in rural, township and city schools. We connect with boys and girls from grades 8-12 by informing and assisting them in planning their future careers.

My involvement in Corporate Social Investment projects in rural and township areas over the past 10 years taught me how easily people fall trap to the “GIVE-ME” spirit: where they always receive but never learn to fish. I experienced firsthand how it disempowers them and how they lose hope in becoming self sufficient. This is where the “ROOIBOS” miracle started making sense. I promote and train this empowering and sustaining business opportunity with use and marketing of healthy products.

I believe that the key to success lies in a balanced life.


Social Media Links:

Facebook: @haveshare
Twitter:  @CHafenscher
Instagram:  claudina.hafenscher

+27 82 802 5941
DEBBIE MILLS – Seize Your Vision Life Coaching
Debbie’s lifelong passion to help and support people in need, took direction in 2017 after attending life coaching sessions herself. She identified her purpose, set goals and so “Seize Your Vision Life Coaching” was founded in 2018.

Her speciality lies in coaching retirees and families with elderly parents. She empowers seniors to improve their mindset, enrich their quality of life (by creating joy, tapping into their dreams and desires ) and to find meaning and purpose, which is so important in the later stages of one’s life.

Families with elderly parents are empowered to find solutions within themselves, to deal with the physical, emotional and psychological changes brought about by the aging process of their parents. As Debbie has been through this herself, she fully understands the difficulties and anguish that families go through …. It’s very hard.  Support is of the utmost importance.

In addition, she coaches personal growth for anyone wanting to improve themselves, realize their dreams and aspirations, and set goals.

Debbie is passionate and committed to her clients of all ages. They are provided with tools to confidently deal with their challenges, push past emotional barriers and to see their life in a more positive and exciting light.


Let her take your hand and journey with you.......



Facebook Link :

+27 83 296 5318
DEE PILLAY – Training and Transformation Business Solutions
About T&T Business Solutions -  Their services include Training Strategy Development, Management and Leadership Training, Product Knowledge Training, Retail Selling Skills Training for Sales and After-Sales, and Customer Treatment Training for various customer orientated environments.  They also offer Skills Development Strategies and Launch Training Solutions, Assessment Centres and Skills Competitions.  T &T Business Solutions pride themselves on offering some of the best trainers in the industry, with the right combination of work experience, training experience and transfer of learning focused on practical application.  Their development solutions focus on blended methodologies that include classroom training, workplace coaching, e-learning and other learning solutions.

About Dee and her business:

Dee lives with her husband, Pat, and two children in Centurion, Gauteng. She is the owner of T&T Business Solutions.

Dee has been involved in organisational development and human resource empowerment and motivation for the past 20 years, extensively within the Corporate world, both locally as well as internationally. She holds qualifications from the University of Johannesburg and the University of Stellenbosch Business School, and is an accredited and registered Assessor through the ETDP Seta to conduct Outcomes Based Assessments.  Dee has facilitated and developed training within very diverse portfolios, such as Sales, Service, Parts, Learnerships, Computer Literacy, Trainee – Executive Management, Product Training, Customer Service, Human Resources, and Driver Training, to name a few.  She has established herself as an excellent and respected HRD Practitioner and Human Resources Development Specialist.

In addition to the above, Dee also specialises in the field of building High Performance Teams and Conflict Resolution and has a passion for the empowerment and development of women and youth.

Training and Transformation Business Solutions has been contracted to Woman of Stature to facilitate the 5 Pillars of Empowerment Learning Journey.  (click here for more information on the 5 Pillars)
+27 72 139 0151
GERDA KOTZE – Global Client Executive for Integrative Enneagram Solutions
Gerda is passionate about people finding and living their purpose – being motivated, healthy and thriving. Gerda has designed and implemented various personal and team development programs and workshops such as Coaching Skills for Leaders.

Gerda is a mother of 5 children between the ages of 14 and 29. She treasures being outdoors in nature and is adventurous at heart. She has completed four Comrades Marathons, sky-dived in Swakopmund, Namibia and has been a high school teacher for more than 20 years. She found her true and authentic voice in 2009.

Her particular areas of expertise and experience lie  within the facilitation of strategic workshops, emotional intelligence, organizational resilience and wellness, Enneagram work, building high performing teams, personal development, organizational excellence, communication and conflict resolutions as well as stress resilience and wellness.

Social Media:

+27 71 679 2114
Together with Dee Pillay and Training & Transformation Business Solutions, Ilona has been contracted to Woman of Stature to facilitate the 5 Pillars of Empowerment Learning Journey


Ilona is a business professional as well as being a busy wife and mother.  She lives with her husband, David, and 4 children in Centurion, Gauteng.

After more than 23 years of experience in Corporate, Ilona Engela has recently followed her dream to become a Consultant where she uses her creativity in the field of Learning and Development to offer clients innovative learning solutions.

With her degrees in Psychology and experience in the fields of Organisational and Leadership Development, Retail Sales, After-Sales and Non-Technical Training Management in the Motor Industry, she has a  comprehensive collection of skills to bring to her clients.
+27 82 325 1080
JUNE STONE – Body Harmony – Wellness Transformation Coach
As a certified health coach, trained in nutrition and coaching, I aim to educate, empower and inspire people to take back control of their health and learn to create a level of personal body harmony.  You will be guided in how to create a Wellness vision and explore why it’s become important to you.I have 16 years’ experience as a Personal Trainer and work from my home fitness studio, which means I add important insight into how to achieve a metabolically active body.I am also a self-appointed ambassador for the Inner Child that is unrepresented and misunderstood in our day-to-day lives. The Inner Child is the emotional self that lives inside of all of us, that has the capacity to guide and inform us in wise and healthy ways.

Creating Body Harmony is a balancing act that includes a sustainable nutrition plan, activity that keeps your body’s metabolic rate active, emotional wellness that reflects your actions with positive purposeful intention and a spiritual life lived with integrity, according to your personal values.

I aim to educate people about Childhood Emotional Neglect and how we as adults are unaware of the “silent struggle” as we downplay our emotions, and lose connection to our Inner Child. When parents fail to respond enough to your emotions, you grow up with a powerful, unspoken message that your emotions don’t matter. Relationship challenges, depression and anxiety are typical symptoms that can be successfully addressed, when you learn how much your emotions matter.

I have witnessed many successful Inner Child reconnections using Hypnosis as a gentle, yet magical healer.

I still enjoy some time in the Corporate world facilitating training for various interpersonal skills
078 7973486 or 0117944051
LEIGH JOY MANSEL-PLEYDELL – Author, Addictions Counsellor, Professional Speaker and Founder of ‘Leigh Joy Inspires’
Leigh Joy is an Author, Addictions Counsellor, Professional Speaker and Founder of 'Leigh Joy Inspires'. "My passion for inspiring addicts can be traced back 11 years to the beginning of my journey of recovery from drug addiction.  I have since I can remember been a fan of the underdog, the late bloomer, the rebel and the survivor!  It takes incredible courage to rise above the ashes of a life of addiction to, like a Phoenix, become a blazing light for others still struggling with addiction.  The last 6 years I have had the powerful, passionate purpose to help the addict who still suffers.  My superpowers are building trust and showing compassion to give my clients the opportunity to heal. Through my one-on-one consultations, I help addicts navigate the trenches and the mountaintops of their lives to live fulfilling lives of responsibility, consciousness and holistic authenticity. I am in the exciting throws of publishing my first book with Gavin Joackims Publishing:


There are many reasons why I do what I do.  Firstly, I don’t want addicts to feel alone, misunderstood, abandoned and rejected and to choose self-destructive behaviours because they don’t have the tools to cope with emotional pain.  Lastly, I wake each morning believing I am called to do this work - to help addicts to come out of the darkness of addiction and into the light of recovery.

Outside of the office, my kids are my most excellent teachers, and my darling husband helps to keep me well nourished, loved and humble.  On the cusp of being halfway to 90 years old I enjoy biodanza and tennis.

Brene Brown Tedtalk sensation and Jordan Petersen, the Canadian psychoanalyst, are my crushes and mentors.  I admire their no-nonsense approach and authentically sharing of themselves.

Connect with me over LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for networking, counselling and booking me as a Speaker at your event!

Skype:  Pistrix97





+27 79 525 8991
LYNN HILL – Lynn Hill International – Premier WISB International, Inspirational Speaker; Transformational Practitioner; Life Coach; Authoress

Lynn epitomises the Spirit of Resilience. She has consciously defied and denied limitation and vicitimhood in every way!  Lynn Hill was born in Central Cape Town, she witnessed and experienced the Apartheid Regime’s “Forced Removals” as an eight-year-old. The Cape Flats was where she landed and from where she needed to give life to all of her dreams. Lynn has faced and triumphed over severe odds: a brutal rape at fifteen; school boycotts; a teenage pregnancy; completing all of her studies full-time and part-time (while concurrently raising two young children); a divorce; single parenthood and a business world lacking in integrity. All of this has propelled her to inspire, heal, transform and empower individual and organizational mind-sets. She now teaches others to access, recognize, apply and celebrate their authentic power, resilience and inherent brilliance.


Lynn holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, having majored in English and Psychology, a Higher Diploma in Education and an Honours Degree in Clinical Psychology. Her qualifications were obtained from the University of the Western Cape. She also holds two international accreditations: 1. Registered Assessor (City & Guilds of London) 2. Licensed Thomas International Analyst.

Lynn Hill is a Social Entrepreneur, Professional, Inspirational Speaker, Columnist, Master Trainer, Leadership and Life Coach and an Authoress and Poetess. She possesses 26 years industry experience across multiple sectors. She has consulted for the past 16 years and has operated at all organizational levels.

Lynn currently serves on the Woman of Stature Board as a Non-Executive Director.

Bottom-line Value Adds:

Improved staff and team morale: reduced conflict and increased productivity

Increased levels of service excellence and increased sales
Increased levels of self-management; implying simpler performance management

Why utilize Lynn’s Services?

Lynn Hill’s astute levels of professional skills make her a cost and time-effective human resource:

She possesses the skill to simplify emotional and organizational complexities and bring about increased clarity from which forward thinking can be easily navigated.
She induces voluntary paradigm shifts, allowing individuals to change their perceptions and perspectives of  their situations, themselves and others.
Her levels of passion and undeniable levels of excellence inspire others to naturally dislike the thought of mediocrity, she partners individuals to elevate functional standards to exceptional standards.

Professional Services:

Professional Speaking: Inspirational and various other topics of expertise which enable meeting mandated outcomes 
Training Facilitation for current courses or customized courses
Competency Based Assessment for Recruitment and Selection, Succession Planning or Organizational Re-structuring purposes
High level Process Facilitation for Strategic Planning or for reaching Collective Buy-In
Leadership and Life Coaching & Mentoring
Conflict Management Course Training, Debriefing and Mediation Facilitation, (group or 1 x2 )
Curriculum Development and Writing



Facebook: InspirationalLynnHill

Instagram: soulpower_lynnhill


+27 84 401 2328
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