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ANITA JACK – Elevate Horizons – Kinesiologist, Master Life and Business Coach, and Exercise Specialist.
Expand your Horizons – Illuminate your Life

Anita Jack was an experienced Marketing professional until she became very ill in 2012. Through her journey of recovery, she discovered her passion for helping others lead a healthy and fulfilled life. Since then, Anita has qualified as a Kinesiologist, a Master Life and Business Coach, and an Exercise Specialist.


Anita is passionate about wellness, not only physical wellness though, but holistic wellness. Holistic wellness encompasses body, mind, career, relationships, family, finance, and even spirituality. As all these aspects are important to a person’s well-being. She thrives on empowering and elevating people to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives.

Anita is a member of the Association of Specialised Kinesiologists of South Africa, a member of the International Coach Federation, a member of MENSA, and an Ambassador for Business Networking International.

Anita has developed a variety of talks and workshops on topics related to holistic wellness and self-discovery, to help you unlock your full potential and live your best life.

Anita is also one of the Woman of Stature “Impact Circle” trainers.

Contact Anita for a keynote presentation, an informal talk, a tailor-made workshop to meet your company’s objectives, or even a fun team building workshop for your staff.


You can find Anita on:




Website Address:
DEBBIE MILLS – Seize Your Vision Life Coaching
Debbie’s lifelong passion to help and support people in need, took direction in 2017 after attending life coaching sessions herself. She identified her purpose, set goals and so “Seize Your Vision Life Coaching” was founded in 2018.

Her speciality lies in coaching retirees and families with elderly parents. She empowers seniors to improve their mindset, enrich their quality of life (by creating joy, tapping into their dreams and desires ) and to find meaning and purpose, which is so important in the later stages of one’s life.

Families with elderly parents are empowered to find solutions within themselves, to deal with the physical, emotional and psychological changes brought about by the aging process of their parents. As Debbie has been through this herself, she fully understands the difficulties and anguish that families go through …. It’s very hard.  Support is of the utmost importance.

In addition, she coaches personal growth for anyone wanting to improve themselves, realize their dreams and aspirations, and set goals.

Debbie is passionate and committed to her clients of all ages. They are provided with tools to confidently deal with their challenges, push past emotional barriers and to see their life in a more positive and exciting light.


Let her take your hand and journey with you.......



Facebook Link :

Phone Number: +27 83 296 5318
ILLONA WILKEN, DR – Radical Results – Coaching Restorative & Functional Medicine
- Medical Doctor in Restorative & Functional Medicine
- Specialist Medical Doctor in Stress and Burnout
- Transformational Life Coach & WellBeing Coach
- Strategic Business Performance Turn-around Consultant
- Breakthrough Business Coach

Dr Illona E Wilken has evolved and journeyed through Life, being formed in character and spirit and feels blessed to say that she has been able to Live her Passion every day. She feels that she has never had to “work” a single day in her life in or for a “job”, even when she was employed full-time by large and multi—national corporates.

Whilst still at school, she was formally appointed by the then “Transvaal Education Department” as Head of the Extramural Ballet Department of Pro-Arte in Pretoria.  At University, she majored in Psychology & Mathematics, and also completed Computer Science as a fun subject in the days of punch cards (giving away her age). Illona evolved from a High School Teacher to Project & Programme Manager, managing Hi-Tech International Programmes & Projects.

This gave her the amazing opportunity to work and travel abroad on very exciting projects.  She worked in all possible industries, loving what she was doing, constantly learning new things, expanding her experience base, and meeting extra-ordinary and wonderful people.


Later in her business career, mostly working with executives of large corporations, Illona experienced difficulty in turning the companies around effectively, achieving organisational excellence and high performance.

All of her business studies (MBA & MCom) plus her business experience did not bring the Radical Results she was used to.

After a lot of research and a tireless search for solutions to the consistently more stressed executives and the related illnesses they were experiencing, she was mentored and encouraged to study Medicine, as mainstream Medicine did not offer a solution.

At the age of 48, Illona started studying a 7-year Medical Doctor’s Degree in Restorative Medicine and thereafter specialised with a PhD in Stress & Burnout (the disease of our time and age, and also the number one cause of chronic disease and death).

Today she is one of three Medical Doctors in South Africa with a specialist qualification in Stress & Burnout.

Raising her sons as a single mom, having to work and provide in full for them as a family, she today enjoys the benefits of being a grandmother and being blessed with three – soon to be four, beautiful and wonderful grandchildren.



LinkedIn: @purposely Ignited

Phone Number: +27 84 223 3377
JACKIE SCOTT-THOMAS – Comp-U-Train – Computer Training and Computer Service Shop
Comp-U-Train is the home office I.C.T. (Information Communications Technology) computer business of Jackie and Andy Thomas.

Jackie has an Admin background and for many years worked as an Executive Personal Assistant. In 2002 she decided to study for her Microsoft Exam and got her M.C.T (Microsoft Certified Trainer) qualifications. She then started her company Comp-U-Train in 2003. Her husband joined her in the business in 2012. He is a qualified M.C.D.S.T. (Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician) and together they offer a one-stop Computer Lessons and Service Shop.

More about Comp-U-Train >>>

Jackie offers a wide range of exciting, focussed, Microsoft Office computer training courses ranging from the Beginner to Advanced level; these lessons can be given on your P.C or Apple computer. They are conducted in the comfort of your home or office.

Their teaching methods will put you at ease from the get go and you will not be overwhelmed with technobabble or computer geek speak buzz words.  They will explain things in easy-to-understand layman’s terms. You can rest assured that Jackie will teach you at your pace. During the course you are given simple Microsoft Certified Manuals.

Whether you are a home user; a S.O.H.O. (Small Office Home Office); S.M.B. (Small Medium Business); S.M.E. (Small Medium Enterprise) or a Corporation, Comp-U-Train can provide the bespoke computer training that is required. Jackie can teach up to a maximum of 10 people at your place of business; or two people at her home office. She also specialises in individual training

The personalised training offered by Comp-U-Train, aims to increase a P.C. (Personal Computer) user’s ability by way of  a flexible and easily understood training format. This is achieved by only teaching small groups and through customised, one-on-one private individual training. Our courses range from the beginner to advanced levels.

Andy is on hand help you with all of your technology needs, including the setting up and use of Smartphones; Tablets; Cell phones; Networking; Printers; Modems; Routers and the installation or removal of Programmes aka Applications or Apps. He also assists with the general maintenance of the computer programmes i.e Updates. Should you need programmes such as Anti-Virus programmes or Microsoft Office 365, he can assist with this.



Phone Number: +27 83 632-3475
Contact Email:
JUNE STONE – Body Harmony – Hypnotherapist – Health Coach
As a certified health coach, trained in nutrition and coaching, I aim to educate, empower and inspire people to take back control of their health and learn to create a level of personal body harmony.  You will be guided in how to create a Wellness vision and explore why it’s become important to you.I have 16 years’ experience as a Personal Trainer and work from my home fitness studio, which means I add important insight into how to achieve a metabolically active body.I am also a self-appointed ambassador for the Inner Child that is unrepresented and misunderstood in our day-to-day lives. The Inner Child is the emotional self that lives inside of all of us, that has the capacity to guide and inform us in wise and healthy ways.

Creating Body Harmony is a balancing act that includes a sustainable nutrition plan, activity that keeps your body’s metabolic rate active, emotional wellness that reflects your actions with positive purposeful intention and a spiritual life lived with integrity, according to your personal values.

I aim to educate people about Childhood Emotional Neglect and how we as adults are unaware of the “silent struggle” as we downplay our emotions, and lose connection to our Inner Child. When parents fail to respond enough to your emotions, you grow up with a powerful, unspoken message that your emotions don’t matter. Relationship challenges, depression and anxiety are typical symptoms that can be successfully addressed, when you learn how much your emotions matter.

I have witnessed many successful Inner Child reconnections using Hypnosis as a gentle, yet magical healer.

I still enjoy some time in the Corporate world facilitating training for various interpersonal skills


Website Address:
Phone Number: 078 7973486 or 0117944051
LIEZL THOM – Life and Transformation Coach, Motivational Speaker, Talk Show Host and Author
Liezl Thom is a qualified Life Coach, Transformation Coach, Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner and Inner Conflict Therapy Practitioner. Over the past decade, she has been guiding her clients on their journeys to self-discovery and awakening. Liezl helps people change the stories they tell themselves about themselves, which liberates them from their fears and limiting beliefs and helps them harness the power of change.

Liezl was trained as a Life Coach by internationally acclaimed coach and author Martha Beck.

She also trained at The Transformation Coaching Academy, where she is currently pursuing her Masters qualification.

In 2018, CV Magazine voted her as one of their top 50 Life Coaches.


As a child, Liezl drove her parents insane with her constant questioning. To this day, she continues to examine every belief and thought and encourages her clients to question their own beliefs and thoughts. Her burning desire to know why the world works the way it does, lead her to a thriving career in broadcasting journalism, which also paved the way for a best-selling book and her great passion – talk shows.

Her experience as coach and broadcaster gave her the opportunity to co-host “Beyond Ears and Eyes” on Cliff Central, a talk-show covering a wide range of topics that explore alternative lifestyles, beliefs and healing modalities.  This continued a passion ignited in the six years she guest-presented the popular show “Believe it or not” on Talk 702 and 567 Cape Talk.

Recently Liezl moved her attention to her own Podcast series, “The Coaching Corner” as well as 2 web-series, “Unleashing your Inner Superhero” and “Mind Matters”.  She also starred as one of two life coaches on the Afrikaans hit series “Vet Kans”, which was aired on Kyknet towards the end of 2018.

As a journalist Liezl has had international success covering the death of Nelson Mandela as well as the highly covered Oscar Pistorius Murder trial for one of America’s three largest Networks, ABC News.  She’s appeared on Good Morning America (the biggest morning show in the USA), World News, Nightline and the magazine show 20/20.

Liezl has also appeared on BBC Radio, Channel 7 in Australia, several Australian talk radio stations as well as a number of other radio stations across the globe, as part of her coverage of the Pistorius Trial.

Facebook:  Liezl Thom
Twitter:  @liezlthom
LinkedIn:  Liezl Thom
Skype: liezl.thom

Website Address:
Phone Number: +27 (0) 82 775 2271
Contact Email:
POOJA SOLANKEE – Silver Spirit Life Coach
Pooja Solankee is a young, vibrant, passionate individual. She believes in having a LIMITLESS mindset… Pooja is a motivated individual with an enthusiastic and charismatic attitude, always looking for an opportunity to develop her skills and part knowledge to others. She is passionate about developing youth and women. Motivating, inspiring, educating and empowering people is her greatest passion.

Pooja is a Certified Life Coach and Registered Counsellor. She specialises in Transformational Coaching and Positive programming of the mind. She is SAQA accreditated as a Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator and Skills Development Facilitator, and currently completing her Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Counselling.
Pooja has run many successful motivational talks, training and development workshops, teambuilding and courses of her own.



Empower individuals to tap into their unlimited potential within and live an authentic life of unlimited possibilies.


Silver Spirit Life Coach aims at inspiring, educating, empowering and mentoring individuals to overcome socio-emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges through coaching, workshops, mentorship programmes and support groups. We create awareness that we are not determined by the resources we have or the education we received, we are determined by what we allow in to make us who we are. Silver Spirit Life Coach helps people find the right keys to unlock their unlimited potential and reach a level of personal mastery.


Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs
Overcome Past Traumas and Hurts
Manage Healthy Relationships
Inspire Transformational Change
Personal Mastery
Encourage and Motivate Individuals to Reach Their True Potential
Create Self-Awareness
Creating Leaders Today for A Better Tomorrow
Motivate Attainment of Dreams
Guiding Individuals to Explore, Unlock and Experience A LIMITLESS Life
Creating Harmony Between Self and Life
Positive Psychology Coaching
Power of Mindfulness
Unleash your inner power


Silver Spirit Life Coach uses a unique Life Coaching method. It works on a person-centred approach to therapy using a range of NLP, play therapy, mindfulness, positive psychology and personal mastery techniques. It has been specially designed to transforn and support an individual or organiation holistically.


Facebook:  @SilverSpiritLifeCoach
Instagram: silver_spirit_life_coach

Phone Number: +27 71 139 4646
SHONA SELLEY – CEO of Designed2Thrive: Executive & Business Coaching, Training, Public Speaking

Shona Selley is the founder and CEO of Designed2Thrive, an organisation which collaborates with various experts to support people and organizations in their quest to Thrive. The primary focus is that of equipping people to realize their inherent value by creating environments that embrace individuals and build healthy interpersonal dynamics.

Shona believes that when authenticity is fully embraced, people are able to engage at the level of their value and unleash true potential, which fuels performance.


Shona established Designed2Thrive 4 years ago after enjoying a successful corporate career of 27 years at WesBank, part of the FirstRand Group. As one of the youngest females to have served on their Exco, Shona ran a number of their divisions, being responsible for up to 1400 people .

Her passion for developing people and leaders is what called her to becoming an internationally certified coach, trainer and public speaker. She is an internationally certified coach, trainer and public speaker with the John Maxwell team and the Coaching & Positive Psychology Institute USA. A member of the International Coaching Federation, COMENSA, Multiplex and a certified Shadowmatch consultant and coach specialising in personal development and organisational culture.

She is somewhat unconventional and has a unique ability to help her clients cast alternative perspectives and to explore boundaries to excellence in a collaborative and engaging manner. Far from theoretical, Shona brings with her a wealth of experience with her client portfolio including some of the leading organisations from diverse industries.





Contact Email:
YOKE VAN DAM – Y-Connect – Behavioural Change Trainer and Facilitator
Yoke van Dam is a catalyst for change, whether in a person, team or an entire company. She is a qualified behavioural change and leadership coach, public speaker, facilitator, trainer and sales consultant with more than 16 years’ experience.

Specialising in neurolinguistic programming, Yoke trains and coaches business leaders, executives, sales teams and individual staff members the tangible skills that can deliver the outcomes they want. She also presents keynotes in corporate and other settings to bring about positive change.


Her training specialties include sales, persuasion, presentation and emotional intelligence. She balances theory with practical solutions, and is highly adept at engaging her audience to be active participants in the development of these solutions so that they own them and want to make them work.

She has done several thousand hours of training and presentation to clients as diverse as sales executives, business leaders and owners, customer service agents, marketers, lawyers, engineers and accountants.

The industries she has covered range from automotive, retail, manufacturing and engineering to advertising, publishing, legal and academic.

Yoke has written for Entrepreneur magazine and contributes articles on emotional intelligence to the Female Entrepreneurship Collective.  The video of her talk at Disrupt HR in Sandton, Johannesburg, in August 2018 became the most watched worldwide in the two weeks following the event. She is often interviewed on Mix FM and Radio Today.

Yoke has 10 years consultative sales experience working for Oxford Publishers, Pearson and Entrepreneur magazine. Additionally, she trained national sales team for Auto Trader, Commercial Trader, Auto Fuzion, Bikes and Corporate Sales. She developed team-building and staff dynamics workshops for Auto Trader and various companies. With her passion she founded Y-Connect in 2017.

Contact her at or give her a call at 060 928 5961

You can also arrange to set up a Skype or Zoom session.



Website Address:
Phone Number: +27 0)76 7900 582
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