THEME: Cross-border Business is a Non-Negotiable. Are you ready?


The conference is hosted by Orbrix, a company concentrating on the innovation approach in providing conferences, where discussion on development, training and consultation takes precedence.

Orbrix’s goal is to enhance and expand learning opportunities through conference programs that are relevant and responsive to the demands of the international global environment, the dynamic business world and the fast-paced society we all live in. At ORBRIX, we believe that Successful Organizational Learning is a multifaceted teaching and learning process. Each Conference and Program is uniquely tailored to meet specific learning goals for both corporate and individual needs.

Despite all the head;lines around trade wars and protectionist tariffs, the globalization if business is a genie that cannot be put back ub the bottle. The future of business is global. Like never before, companies are able to enter markets overseas nearly barrier-free.

In South Africa alone, many members of Woman of Stature are looking to expanding into and across the international markets. This Conference creates a platform for not just members of Woman of Stature from South Africa, but other entities into Creating a platform for women internationally to discuss gaps and issues affecting them in various areas of the Cross Border business and personal lives. It is also an effort to address the economic, social and financial challenges that women across the glove are faced with an International Business.

With nearly 1 in 3 Africans between the ages of 10 and 24 and approximately 60 percent of Africa’s total population below the age of 35, Africa has the largest percentage of youth in the world.

As technology continues to improve and it becomes easier for buyers to connect to sellers on an international level, businesses that devise a strategy to sell goods abroad will inevitably take the lead an reap all of the benefits of a global marketplace.

Borders come with more than language barriers. How people interact with one another in business varies greatly from country to country. The same can be said for the speed at which business gets done; some countries just move faster (or much slower) than others.

But one of the most important cross-border differences to recognize is consumer behaviour. This, too, will vary by region. What advertising, for example, will be successful in other countries? What messaging and social media platforms are important? The Conference therefore aims at bringing together empowered and influential women who have succeeded in their professional and personal lives, and who embody the qualities of leadership in displaying active, creative and integrative efforts in achieving success at personal, national, regional and most of all International levels, to deliberate on ways of inclusion and empowerment fo women in the mainstream economy through skills development, enterprise development, entrepreneurship projects and improving young women’s access to mentors and incubators and Business Hubs/Centres.


This is the first time that the awards will be hosted by Orbrix in association with Woman of Stature South Africa where we launch the awards on an International Platform. The mission of Woman of Stature Foundation is to be an intervention with preventative measures for women who find themselves in a sudden destitute situation so that they become independent and contribute to society.

Its annual Woman of Stature Awards are not limited to any particular field of endeavour, and for this reason rank among the most prestigious awards in South Africa for women. We are now happy to announce our first International Woman of Stature Awards 2021 in November billed to be held in UAE.

Launched in April 2013, Woman of Stature’s purpose is to empower and transform women from all walks of life.

Woman of Stature Awards is reserved for influential women leaders, across diverse spectrums of emerging economies, who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment and significant contributions to community development, economic and environmental sustainability, as well as ceaseless efforts in promoting gender diversity and equity, making inroads for other women and girls in the society. These will include the powerful and influential network of entrepreneurial, social and Businesswoman leaders from across the globe, who have successfully emerged as strong powerful business leaders in our society today. These woman are designed to preserve the place of women in history by archiving the told and untold stories of their giant strides, celebrate the untiring and impactful contributions of women to the development of their nations’ heritage, and connect women from various climes and generations; whilst inspiring the younger generations to dare to dream and unleash their potentials. These women are change agents, pathfinders, stereotype and boundary breakers and most especially, record breakers.

Woman of Stature, Managing Director Charlotte du Plessis says, “The finalists for the Woman of Stature Awards 2020 in South Africa on the 08th March 2020 are each prominent within their respective communities and have reached considerable heights within their careers. They each reflect our values and focus at Woman of Stature, which is empowering other women whether through active mentorship, or just by setting the example for leading a purposeful life.” The intention for the Nov 2021 Dubai Awards is exactly the same on an international level.

Hawa Dawood Charfaray, a Woman in Education Finalist in the Woman of Stature Awards, 2020 and also the CEO of Orbrix Dubai collaborated on the concept of making this event International and therefore signed a  partnership with Woman of Stature Awards to be conducted alongside the Orbrix International Business and Leadership Conference. Hawa says,

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this Award. It is an honour to be selected as a finalist for such a prestigious award, and especially for such an empowering cause. It is indeed a cause dear to my heart and I am looking forward to making a difference in the lives of other women not i=just in Africa but worldwide, therefore I have decided as CEO of Orbrix to collaborate in the UAE.”

Hawa has invested in changing lives through her many years of experience as Global Speaker, Trainer, a Corporate wellness Practitioner, Business Executive Coach, an NLP practitioner, Life Coach, Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profile Practitioner, Inventory, Work Attitude and Motivation (iWAM) Practitioner, Ecometric practitioner, Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Timeline Practitioner. She is both honored and inspired to be nominated by the recognized bodies. She says “We cannot become ourselves by ourselves. We need to go out of our way to support each other. We need to be mirrored, emulated and celebrated, as who you are truly does make a difference – Become Consciously Purposeful in Your Life as a leader!”

“We look forward to a house packed with women and men alike to celebrate this iconic event Internationally – Watch our Websites and Social Media handles for more information on how to apply as a Speaker at the Conference, Awardee for the International Woman of Stature Awards, or even a sponsor– all for a good cause!” concludes Du Plessis.

Contact for booking to attend the Conference and Awards Gala Dinner:

Armel Shami +971 52466 8664

Contact for application as an Awardee:

Charlotte du Plessis +27 82 553 0061

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