Woman of Stature Foundation


Purpose of the WOMAN OF STATURE Foundation:

The aim of the Woman of Stature Foundation is to provide personal, professional and entrepreneurial development to the women through education.

The Woman of Stature Foundation is funded by Personal and Corporate Sponsorships.

These funds enable women to receive and have access to interventions.

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To be one of the most influential, empowerment organizations in South Africa that is providing support, training, development, and mentoring to ALL women living in South Africa so that they perform at their optimum, achieve their goals and fulfil their life purpose while still overcoming the challenges still presented to them in a Patriarchal Society.


To be an incubator providing women from ALL walks of life access to high quality Personal, Professional and Entrepreneurial Development Interventions and Training Programs


Integrity – Selflessness – Respect – Trust – Passion – Gratitude Commitment – Inclusivity


To address the socio-economic challenges that are prevalent in South Africa, by making a valued contribution through development of women, the cornerstone of society.


The Woman of Stature Foundation has been formed as an enabler of the Woman of Stature Social Responsibility Program through Enterprise Development Initiatives such as personal and professional development, mentorship and coaching to the benefit of previously and currently disadvantaged women.

The Foundation will also provide a formal channel to procure sponsorship and funding required to subsidise significant Woman of Stature Foundation Charitable Events without which these Events will not be possible.

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