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Members were treated to an informative workshop presented by Georgie Colling on Strategic Time Management at WOS’s Business Networking Event held on 25th April.

As entrepreneurs we are easily side tracked and waste valuable time and resources when our diaries are not managed efficiently. The secret is to consciously plan your day, weeks and month. Reflect on the past month and take stock of what you achieved. Planning ahead for the new month is critical and brings a sense of control and order.
Valuable take-home value that can be practically applied.
Making intentional connections and bringing true value is the intentional purpose of Woman of Stature networking events.

  • Our monthly business network event is where women entrepreneurs get exposure as it’s a platform to network, collaborate and support each other to grow their business. It is open to members and invited guests (guests can attend only two events where after they must be registered members).
  • Our networking events are structured to give equal exposure to you as a member based on your membership package. However, business members will have an opportunity to develop as a leader through special WOS Networking activities.
  • Special activities include: Elevator Pitch, Hot Seat, Speed-Networking.


We are serious about taking your business to the next level!
         Gold Members R50 / Platinum Members Free
Non-Members R100 



Check out the link below for more details on the upcoming events in your area!

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