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    Spread your wings, and let other people know about your business through our online, social media and print platforms.

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    Get the business and personal development assistance you need to take your business to the next level.

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Why Should I become a Woman of Stature Network Member?

If you currently find yourself stuck in business, there might be a very good reason for that. Or perhaps you want to grow or scale, and do not have the support or resources. Additionally research indicates that the growth of a business are limited or restrained by the abilities of the Entrepreneur, and the WOS Network platform was created to support you with these challenges.

We also know that being an Entrepreneur is a lonely endeavour. Your friends do not know what you go through, and might even discourage you to follow your passion.

Woman of Stature provides a platform of support amongst like minded women who want to grow and scale their businesses and know what it takes to be successful. Women with passion and drive who are fully committed to their businesses, but also know that they have other commitments like family as well.

The Woman of Stature developmental programmes which you can access at special rates and at some cases are inclusive to your membership, is aimed to assist you on your unique journey to grow your business so that you can achieve more success and time freedom.

Unlike your average business network, A typical Woman of Stature business network session is not glorified sales pitch sessions. Instead is is your opportunity to meet up with like minded women entrepreneurs, who focusses on self improvement, collaboration initiatives and bigger opportunities. Our exclusive Business Network events are run by our members who have joined our leadership development programme, and who are entrepreneurial women themselves.

Woman of Stature membership is exclusive to all women who share our values of integrity, selflessness, respect, trust, passion, gratitude and commitment.

Why do I need to be approved as a Woman of Stature Network Member?

Woman of Stature Network is not only a network, and neither is it a normal business network. Woman of Stature is a special network for women with specific attributes. One of the criteria that you have to meet in order to become a Woman of Stature member is that you have to buy in to our seven core values which are: Integrity, Selflessness, Respect, Trust, Passion, Gratitude and Commitment.

Will other Woman of Stature members buy from me?

No. If you are like our average member, then we are certain that you also do not want to listen to hours of sales pitches yourself.

The original purpose of a business network is not simply another sales opportunity. We are aware of other business networks that do facilitate the sales introductions between their members, or may even facilitate the recommendation of your services to other members in their network, however, we have found that such networks have a short lifespan and are not sustainable in the long term. They often die down once all members have bought from each other and no further business is achieved. If referrals are forced or made compulsory within such networks, the quality of referrals you would receive would not be really worth your time.

In contrast, Woman of Stature Network provides you with a platform by which you can form strategic alliances and collaboration opportunities with other members that leverages the diversity in strengths between yourselves so that together you can take on bigger projects, or learn from each other about opportunities in the market.

The focus of Woman of Stature Network is to help you as a woman in business to reach your potential in business, and to improve your competitiveness within your market.

Will I need to meet up with other members?

Yes, by opening up to each other and listening to what each value your fellow members offers, will assist you to find new ways to work together and take on bigger and higher valued projects. Here are a few examples:

Example 1: If you offer social media services, but you know nothing about online advertising on platforms such as Google, but you get a client that requests those services, you could collaborate with a fellow member who do offer such services, and create a service offering that is aligned to the needs of the customer.

Example 2: If you are an image consultant, and you get a client who requests from you to source some outfits for them, you could approach a fellow member who is a boutique owner to book out some outfits and you can perhaps collaborate on finding a unique outfit for your client.

Example 3: If you are a life coach, and your potential client experiences issues of the past that are holding them back, and one of your fellow members is a psychologist, then you could collaborate in assisting the client.

Example 4: You have a great idea and want to develop a mobile app. But you are not a programmer, and neither can you afford a programmer. Someone in the network knows a great mobile app developer, and introduces you to that person. You both decided to form a partnership to execute your great business idea.

How do you think you can take your business to the next level with a strategic partnership or collaboration with someone that you learned to trust within our network?

How does the Coaching and Development work for a WOS Network Member?

Research indicates that we experience business problems due to the personal problems that we have. Yes, on the odd occasion you might have business problems due to external forces, but these can be managed by means of strategic personal responses. For this reason we have created a suite of coaching and development programmes offered by our strategic partners and some of our members themselves.

Included in our membership you will find 30 minute and one hour sessions of various coaching programmes. Normally you would need to pay for these sessions, but we are including the first session of these programmes available free of charge to you as member, and as per your membership level.

Should you decide to continue a specific coaching, then you can negotiate a rate with the respective strategic partner. Each coaching session will be value adding as well as an opportunity for you to experience your coach and also make an informed decision whether further coaching engagement will be value adding to you and your business.

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R597/mo /mo

  • Monthly Meet and MingleHome Chapter Free
  • Monthly WOS Business NetworkingHome Chapter Free
  • Display Table at Selected EventsFree
  • Single Banner at Selected EventsFree
  • Ticket to Meeting of Minds EventOne Free Ticket
  • Ticket to Woman of the Year AwardsR350
  • Speaking Opportunity at a WOS Event
  • Peer Mentoring Program
  • Discounts on WOS Development Program30%
  • Member Discounts: WOS Special Events40%
  • Member Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Radio ExposureSQ
  • Strategic Partner Programme
  • Receive Monthly Newsletter
  • Directory Listing on Website
  • Member Feature on WOS Facebook Page
  • Feature in Newsletter and Website
  • Member Contribution to WOS blog/newsletter
  • Advertising Banner on WOS website home pageFree
  • Membership Application Premium Offer
  • Promotional Facebook Post to Member Exclusive Group
  • Orchid Membership BadgeFree
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7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Within 7 days of approval and payment of your membership, you can cancel your membership, get a full refund without any penalties or consequences.

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Premium 90 Day Membership Money Back Guarantee

Within 90 days, if you attended at least 80% of our events, submitted your details for listing on the directory and engaged within the network, and consequently decided that you did not receive any value for your membership then you can request a full refund of your membership fees and cancel your membership. Administration, joining fees and event specific fees are non-refundable.

  • Leanne Dlamini
    “Finding a platform where like-minded women can network and truly be empowered and supported is very rare, and that is why WOS is so special to me. I’m excited about the vision and future of WOS and I’m really looking forward to supporting Charlotte and her team every step of the way.”
    Leanne Dlamini
  • Jenna Clifford
    “Woman of Stature embodies the essence of sisterhood and as someone who advocates women’s rights, I’ve committed to support an organisation that represents inclusivity and is intentional in its purpose. Their commitment to bring about change for women from all walks of life speaks to our brand and this is why I am proudly associated with Woman of Stature.”
    Jenna Clifford Jenna Clifford Design Jewelers