Woman of Stature Awards 2021 Nomination Form

Nominations are open for the 2021 Awards

The annual ‘Woman of Stature Awards’ will be held in March every year.  Nominations are now open for 2021 and adjudication will take place in October 2019.

Purpose of the Annual WOMAN OF STATURE AWARDS:

Recognition elevates Credibility and Inspiration. Woman of Stature believes that excellence and quality impact the need to be formally recognized and in so doing, women are inspired to achieve and impact in a deeper, even more profound way. Woman of Stature strongly supports the concept of Mentorship and believes that the final category nominees, finalists and winners can play a pivotal role in mentoring and empowering another Woman of Stature within the organization and particularly within the Woman of Stature Foundation.

All category nominees and potential category winners must be prepared to assume an ambassadorial role for the Woman of Stature brand for the duration of their tenure as a Category Winner.

In the categories of Entrepreneur and Youth, fundraising will play a critical role in determining a winner. Nominees would thus need to be prepared to fundraise in these two categories.

Nomination Form

Criteria for Nomination

  • A woman who lives the values of a Woman of Stature;

Embodies Integrity, Excellence, Emotional and Professional Maturity, Selflessness & Empathy;

  • A woman who is making a valued transformative contribution to society and the economy of South Africa;
  • A woman who is making an impact in her industry through her exceptional leadership style, excelling in her area of expertise & empowering others with her expertise;
  • A woman who is selflessly empowering and inspiring others beyond her area of professional expertise:

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