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WISB represents women of impact carefully chosen for their professionalism, expertise, experience and skill to deliver keynote presentations, fulfil the role of MC and programme director, or facilitate interventions with a message that will unlock value for organizations.

With a primary focus on women of impact in the market place, Woman of Impact Speakers Bureau (WISB) aims to bring inspiring and professional women who speak to add value to an event. The right message delivered with impact can be the catalyst for change a company (our external client) needs, and inspire the action required for their progress and results.

WISB Academy will help you develop a deeper understanding of who you are, and what your message and product are about.

When you register with WISB the next step will be an invitation to complete a brief yet comprehensive survey. This will provide you, and us, a better understanding of where you currently find yourself in your speaking career.

Even if making the public stage is not your primary goal, developing your ability to communicate with impact will be a significant advantage in your career or business venture.

At WISB we aim to help you match the woman of impact with a message best aligned to reach the objectives of an event, and who is able to deliver it with excellence.

WISB is a subsidiary of Woman of Stature (WOS) which enjoys a powerful track record of transforming women, and an extension of the WOS IMPACT Circle. It will be fully focused on the development and representation of women in the market place.

About The Trainer

Inspiring and infectious, Robin Pullen has a warm dynamic presence that fills the room. A masterful speaker, able to connect across a multitude of cultures, meeting each individual at their level. He leaves the listener inspired to be more and motivated to take massive action.

Yet Robin does not leave you there. He has developed the competence to empower people for change. Armed with the insights, technology and tactics that he has crafted through training more than 100,000 people in the first five years of his professional career, Robin is on a mission to activate 10 million people in the next ten years to action so that they can achieve more than they had imagined possible through personal, professional and business mastery.

These key topics will be presented by Robin Pullen:-


WISB is suitable for any woman who wants to reach her full potential and who wants to make an impact:

  • Women of all ages who aspire to follow a career as a Professional Speaker
  • Women who want to perfect their speaking ability
  • Women with a unique story that can be translated into a memorable and inspiring message
  • Women who are already Professional Speakers and need affordable and reputable representation

What do I do if I want to become a new speaker with WISB?

 You will need to prepare the following information for your application:

  • A biography.
  • A list of your speaking topics with short descriptions.
  • Current fee information – where premier fees are in the range of ZAR20K to ZAR30K.
  •  Please be as complete as possible. Include keynote, half-day and full-day fees, if applicable to your presentation. (Note that this is a gross fee which includes the standard 25% bureau commission.)
  • Contact reference (name, contact no. and email) of 3 clients who have hired (and paid) you for your presentation. 
  • A link to recent (within the past 12 months) video of a speech presented to an audience, and not media interview clips and marketing pieces.
  • A hi-resolution professional colour headshot.
  • A hi-resolution professional colour full body shot.
  • A list of additional testimonials, recent references and/or reference letters.
  • Contact information including phone number, mailing address, website, and e-mail.
  • A link to a 5-minute video of your current keynote presentation.
  • A link to a 5-minute video of you explaining why you would be an asset to our client events 

Testimonial from Marthe-Marie Kohne

“These past few Woman of Impact Speakers Academy training sessions were the best teachings I have ever experienced. I’m learning about so many techniques, but I most value the positive, realistic, non-judgmental dialogue between Robin Pullen and the students. The group bonding creates an extremely effective place to share and learn. I can encourage you if you want to become a proficient speaker to invest in this programme for yourself.

Well, why wait?? – Woman of Impact Speakers Academy is definitely the place to be.”

– Marthe-Marié Kohne

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