About Woman of Impact Speakers Bureau (WISB)


Woman of Impact Speakers Bureau (WISB) aims to bring you inspiring, seasoned, professional women speakers who will add value to your event and positively impact the market place. The right message delivered with impact and contextual relevance can be the catalyst for change, inspire action and lead to progressive thinking and growth in your organization.

At WISB we aim to help you match the Woman of Impact with the message best aligned to reach the objectives of your event. WISB commits to making your experience and event affordable while upholding standards of excellence.

WISB is a subsidiary of the Woman of Stature (WOS) brand that has earned a powerful, credible track record of inspiring, transforming, and empowering woman through highly intentional networking and training. The WOS IMPACT Circle will house WISB and be 100% focused on the training, development and representation of women in the market place.

WISB represents Woman of Impact who have been carefully selected for their acquired levels of professionalism, expertise, experience and skill to deliver keynote presentations, fulfill the role of MC and program director or facilitate interventions with a message that will unlock value for organizations.

As soon as you know that you will hosting an event and you would like a Woman of Impact to speak, contact us directly and we will help you align a speaker within your budget.

+ What kind of speaker can I book?

Woman of Impact can add value to all types of public and private events. The speakers we represent are competent to deliver presentations, lectures and workshops to corporations, clubs and associations, community programs, large conferences as well as schools and universities. Besides the traditional keynote the Woman of Impact Speaker can present break out sessions. Many also have online material that they can present virtually through Skype, Google Hangout, WebinarJamor or  Zoom

+ Why should I choose WISB as my speaker source?

At the time of launching we will be the only bureau 100% focused on the professional development and representation of Women in the market place.

Searching for a speaker and finding the right match can be a time-consuming and difficult task. We will efficiently assist you in choosing and selecting the relevant speaker in a targeted, objective manner. Because we know the content expertise and presentation styles of Woman of Impact, we are able to recommend the right fit that will align with the objectives of your event and the audience’ expectations.

+ Will it cost more to use a speaker bureau?

No, the bureau’s service is included in your fee

+ How does a Speaker’s Bureau actually work?

WISB represents our clients for paid speaking engagements. If you are planning an event and considering hiring a Woman of Impact to speak, contact us and we will help you align a speaker within your budget.

When you have identified the best fit, we will support you every step of the way from establishing contact, discussing the brief, dealing with fees and costs as well as issuing the contract and overseeing logistics that ensure their arrival at your event.

+ What can we expect to pay for a Woman of Impact Speaker?

Professional speakers set their own rates, which vary from speaker to speaker. Speaker fees are traditionally based on their level of expertise and degree of experience. Demand for their range of services also influence availability and price.

Most Speakers charge a basic fee for a one hour presentation however these vary according to the location of the conference venue, travel time and day of the week.

+  What are the hidden costs?

It is common practice that where the speaker needs to travel to get to your conference venue, you (the client) is responsible for travel costs (i.e. airfare, ground travel, car rental) and accommodation expenses.

+ What about travel and accommodation?

It is common practice that this is usually arranged by the client. In our experience the client usually prefers to make these arrangements as they can often secure better rates and concessions.

+ What is the normal length of a professional keynote presentation?

The length of a professional keynote presentation is usually 60 minutes. However it can vary from 45 to 90 minutes depending on the time available in the program and the calibre of the speaker and their content.

+ What do I need to know before I can book a speaker?

The first step will be to determine the objective of your event. What do you want your audience to leave with? Are you looking for a sense of motivation and inspiration or perhaps create an environment of ‘edutainement’ or do you have a specific message that you would like to get across?

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