Our Story

We are a non-profit organisation with the sole intention of uplifting the needy through community projects and community support.

This is an organisation based in Johannesburg, founded by Shereen Hunter. It is ever-growing and receiving endless support from the citizens of this nation. INAM seeks to offer relief to the needy in any and all ways possible. We are very involved in charity work and fundraising events. We’ve been involved in many donation projects and that is the type of work we’ll continue to do. Community upliftment is something that is very close to our hearts. We urge you to become a part of something truly special. Join the support group by liking our page on Facebook,  following us on Twitter and by spreading the love.

Our Vision

To be the leading international movement that strives to meet real needs at a grassroot level and not just noble causes. We hope to achieve this through the process of aligning with accountable people who can change communities, one person at a time, by showing love and not just talking about love.

Our Mission

A Non-Profit Organization that simply gets the job done in communities where there are both a shortfall of provision for several needs and lack of resources. Simply, we help those who cannot help themselves. We mobilise kindness through people who are accountable and committed to lending a helping hand. We activate giving through members who are both willing and able to use what they have, where they are at, in the present moment.

We don’t just seek to give through monetary format but through skill sets as well as donations of any items that may meet a highlighted need.

Our Essence

Over the past 26 years Shereen Hunter has been engaging in community projects, charity drives and connecting with like-minded people around the world, that know and understand that there is more to living than just ‘designing a life for self’.



The Gauteng-based EPIC Foundation was founded by Alta McMaster at the beginning of 2013. Having experienced various traumas in her own life, Alta has a deep understanding of how lonely and helpless one can feel if no-one reaches out a helping hand. Having experienced these situations in life encouraged her to provide that helping hand to others in the form of assisting with the empowerment of survivors of trauma.


The main objective of the EPIC Foundation will be the management of various projects and initiatives aimed at assisting victims of rape and abuse, which will include women in shelters. Other ad hoc projects will also be undertaken to help people in crisis and support other charities.


We live in a society where people often find themselves in difficulty due to trauma, crime, unemployment and other circumstances beyond their control.   Everyone has the right to be given assistance to help work through these hard times and to be empowered to uplift their lives.  It is our mission to put projects and tools in place to make this possible for men, women and children.




What started as a social media campaign with encouraging quotes posted by founder LeAnne Dlamini, has now turned into a movement which aims to unite, empower, inspire and connect women and girls through Sisterhood. “The movement spread so fast within two years, that they’ve had to extend their branches globally beyond the borders of just South Africa, welcoming End Girl Hate Botswana and End Girl Hate Canada.”

The Sisterhood movement has begun!

“Culture is the shadow of the leader…” This is why End Girl Hate exists today: the brain child and shadow of LeAnne Dlamini who is intrinsically wired to empower women. This natural and organic process was spurred on by LeAnne’s personal experiences in which women in the entertainment industry in particular, were frequently unsupportive of one another.  Budding within her was the unquenchable desire to break down barriers which women so frequently erect amongst themselves.  Utilising her popular and loved public status, LeAnne realised that Social Media was her platform; the audience was already there and her innate ability to encourage women started unfolding for all to see.

And this bold, yet unassuming step spoke to the desire in other women; the desire to be enthused. Women from around the country, and internationally, were soon drawn to this modest endeavor to embolden women from all walks of life. But it couldn’t simply stop at social media. “I really wanted to make this bigger than me because we tend to stick to our circle of friends and support one another and I knew that together, we could do so much more.”

An idea became simple acts of inspiring women and simple acts have developed into a movement. Having no idea how big this would become when LeAnne first embarked on this journey in 2015.

Website:   http://www.iamleanne.com/


The Jala Peo Foundation empowers underprivileged youth from the Diepsloot community through cycling, enterprise development and life skills programmes. Cindy Ross, Director and Company Secretary of the NGO of the Jala Peo Foundation and an attorney by profession, explains that the Jala Peo Foundation is made up of two academies, namely the Diepsloot Mountain Bike Academy (DMA) and the Muldersdrift Academy.

The DMA was started in 2006 with the intention of helping children to use their time constructively and it has now grown into a place where they can learn the value of hard work and self-belief. “The purpose of the DMA is to provide the youth with a positive outlet of expression and also encourage them to invest their energy in healthy activities, such as cycling. These efforts consequently help to reduce the levels of crime, alcohol abuse and violence against women and children in the surrounding areas,” says Ross. She states that their long-term vision is to develop each athlete into a well-rounded and skilled individual, empowered to move beyond their current circumstances and pursue their dreams. The DMA is also funding or facilitating a number of bursaries for those students who excel.

The project is run every weekend on both Saturdays and Sundays, consisting of two hours of cycling, a team lunch and tutoring sessions. Maths is tutored on Saturdays and English on Sundays. “The team also appoints club captains, identifying students with leadership potential and then giving them the responsibility to lead a team during the training sessions.”

“Cycling is an expensive sport and the DMA children have to compete in an arena that is mostly reserved for privileged children. We realise that there is a further need to expose more children to the sport.”



Jayshree Padayatchey is the CEO of JRP Socder Projects Pty Ltd.   The Company was established in Gauteng and was formed in May 2014, with the major objective of empowering women to drive their own economic development by providing them with access to high quality entrepreneurship coaching and skills development as well as access to both networks and markets that can assist them to grow their markets and brands, and promoting microfranchising.

Jayshree is a Community Economic Development expert, an Entrepreneurship Specialist, and a Micro-Franchise Consultant who worked for both International and Local NGO’s, Government and the Private Sector across South Africa.  In August 2010 she started a journey to explore and create an awareness for Microfranchising in South Africa.  She started researching and meeting up with various Government organizations to have discussions around the concept, which has culminated in a three year Programme to Microfranchise 15 businesses.

She is passionate about developing Women and Youth into Entrepreneurs, specifically within Townships and Informal Settlements. She is also an SMME Expert Coach and Mentor, working with SMMEs to set up, optimize, re-engineer and assist small businesses with access to markets and funding.

As the CEO of her company JRP Socder Projects Pty Ltd,  she  is currently in the process of empowering 100 women by creating 10 co-operative businesses in  Lotus Gardens, a township in Pretoria, Gauteng Province.  The project is being rolled out in partnership with Gauteng Economic Propeller.

The businesses that will be formed are community based businesses and will be set up for success with all the necessary business systems that will enable them to operate successfully and effectively.

Jayshree has driven the Micro-Franchising concept as a solution for poverty alleviation in South Africa and has worked closely with the Department of Trade & Industry for  5 years in drafting a Micro Franchising policy as well as in creating the Microfranchising Programme that will see 15 businesses packaged as Microfranchises over 3 years.


Worthy Women is a non-profit Company with registration number 2017/454090/08, founded in Pretoria in October 2017.

Our focus is on inspiring and empowering abused, disabled and disadvantaged communities to become the best versions of themselves but not limited to the abused, disabled and disadvantaged.

After numerous requests from the Deaf Community to involve children into our deaf pageants – Bianca Birnie approached Linda Van Schalkwyk and Leviena Smit and Deaf Pageants South Africa was proudly founded. The first event will be in Pretoria on 16 June 2018.

These ladies are also involved with MDSA – Miss, Mr & Mrs Deaf South Africa since 2014 and understand the heart of the deaf community.

Bianca is the Production & Stage Manager at MDSA & Managing Director of Worthy Women and also has her own modelling schools on the East Rand, Linda works for BCX and was also the Contestants Director at MDSA, while Leviena is working full-time for MDSA & Worthy Women as the Chief Executive Officer.


Worthy Women NPC, requests any form of cash or in kind contribution aligned to the mandate of your organisation to assist the MSV management team to roll out the various skills development programmes.

​Sponsors will be promoted as an organization that cares about character and the empowerment of different types of communities.

Additionally, sponsors will aid in the continuation of Worthy Women’s mission to inspire a culture of community, character, courage and consciousness amongst the youth across South Africa.

​For a detailed Funding Proposal, please contact Leviena Smit 073 023 2767 or worthywomen.npc@gmail.com

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