Be Part of Our Exclusive Business Community For Women

WOS Network is a strategic woman network where we form alliances and collaborate so that we can take on bigger clients and projects and where we support and develop each other.

Take your business to the next level

Our selection of coaching and developmental programmes together with our strategic partners will help you to take your business to the next level. 

Perhaps you will find a strategic partner amongst our members to enable you to take on a bigger project; 

perhaps you will find new and innovative ways to grow your business through our programmes or by interacting with fellow entrepreneurs.

Who knows what your road to success will look like?

What will you experience at our special events?

Meet other women of stature, women of influence, authors, prominent business women, make friends, find mentors, or just someone to hang out with and have fun.

WOS Statura Programme

Step 1

What is the profile of a Woman of Stature? Define your social branding and status. They say, a client buys you before they buy your product....

Are you ready for this? Well this is included as ad hoc coaching with our Founder and CEO, Charlotte du Plessis.

WOS Transformation Programme

Step 1

Are you ready to transform? Are you ready to invest in personal and professional development to take yourself to the next level?

The Transformation Programme is inclusive of Personal Branding, Leadership Development, Business Development workshops. As a WOS member you will benefit from special discounts when attending these workshops.

Be part of a circle of influencers who truly care

We know how difficult it can sometimes be to explain to family and friends why you have your own business. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who understands what you are going through...

That is why it is important to connect with a circle of like-minded women who share the same values of integrity, selflessness, respect, trust, passion, gratitude and commitment. 

What is WOS Network NOT...

...and that's what differentiates us from ALL other networks!

How does WOS Strategic Networking actually work?

Here are just a few examples of how you can use the WOS network to unlock the value for yourself...

Expand Your Value Offering

Step 1

Let's say you offer social media services, but you know nothing about online advertising on platforms such as Google, and your client requires you to offer those services or they won't do business with you. To keep this client you could collaborate with a fellow member who does offer these services, and create a service offering that is aligned to the needs of your customer.

Collaborate With Other Members

Step 1

If you are an image consultant, and your client wants you to source some outfits on her behalf. You could approach a fellow member who is a boutique owner book out a few stylish outfits and  perhaps collaborate on finding a unique outfit for your client and share in the profits.

Leverage Other Members

Step 1

If you are a life coach, and your potential client is experiencing issues from the past that's holding them back, and a fellow members is a psychologist, you could collaborate by assisting the client.

Form a Strategic Partnership

Step 4

You have a great idea and want to develop a mobile app, but you are not a programmer, and neither can you afford a programmer. Someone in the network knows a great mobile app developer, and introduces you to them. You both decide to form a strategic partnership to execute your great business idea.

Now Your Turn...

Step 5

How do you think you can take your business to the next level with a strategic partnership or collaboration with someone in our network who has earned your trust?

You Will Get Access to The Following Benefits 

All WOS Network Members will get the following benefits, regardless of their membership level.

Website Directory Listing

Step 1

Increase your exposure by listing your business and services on our Woman of Stature Website Member Directory.

Member Feature on WOS Facebook Page

Step 1

Let other members and the public know the value you can add to them, through a formal introduction in our Exclusive Facebook Page.

Monthly Promotional Post in Member Exclusive FB Group

Step 1

Propose any new project, proposal, product or service to your fellow members.

Member Listing in Annual WOS Publication

Step 4

Let the offline world know about you by making use of your free listing in our Printed Annual WOS Publication (T&C's Apply).

Statura Programme

Step 5

Increase your personal and professional status through ad hoc coaching opportunities with Charlotte, and gain increased trust in your circle of influence.

Coaching Sessions

Step 5

Get access to seven different coaching sessions, including: Wellness, Life, Business, Brand Development, Financial and Social Media Coaching

Legal Risk Assessment

Step 5

What risks are lurking within your business? Do you have the right contracts in place to protect yourself? Are you compliant, so that you can take on bigger business opportunities?

Business Network

Step 5

Meet your peer WOS Network members monthly (10x per year) and discuss various business and collaboration opportunities, ideas and learn from each other to take your business to the next level.


All of the membership options below includes the benefits listed above. The additional benefits and differences are presented under each package below.

*** All Networking Events have an additional cover charge to cover the venue and catering expenses, and this fee is not included in your membership fees. A cover charge includes any fees charged by the venue and will vary from chapter to chapter as venue fees at each chapter may be different and is set as per the discretion of that chapter.

*** Attendance at chapters: As member, you are allowed and encouraged to attend the networking and events hosted at any of the WOS Network Chapters to enhance your exposure.

*** Guests: A guest can attend a maximum of 2 WOS Network Chapter Events per chapter for the purposes to make an informed decision whether to join as a member. Guests are not allowed at the Exclusive Network Events.

Membership Level Specific Benefits Explained 

Special WOS Event

Step 1

Public is welcome at Special WOS Events, but members get a discounted rate. Events are linked to themes, and speakers share their message to motivate, inspire and educate.

Speaking Opportunity at a Special WOS Event

Step 1

Speaking at a Special WOS Event helps to position you as an expert in your field as well as increases your exposure. If you know how to monetise a speaking event without selling, then speaking at such an event may even indirectly contribute to your bottom line.

Advertise in the Annual WOS Publication

Step 1

You already have a directory listing in the Annual WOS publication, now make yourself more visible with your own advert.

Exclusive Network Events

Step 4

These network events are exclusively for Diamond Members. These events may include networking opportunities with prominent business people. This could include  corporates, and higher level decision makers (men and women). This will increase your exposure at higher levels. Only a very limited number of these events are held.

7 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Within 7 days of approval and payment of your membership, you can cancel your membership, and get a full refund without any penalties or consequences.

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